5 Excellent Lighting Tips for Your Swimming Pool

It is natural that we associate the use of the swimming pools to the daytime period, since, besides the presence of the sun, the temperatures usually …Be higher during the day, two factors that contribute significantly to finding colder and more pleasant places.However, enjoying leisure time in the pool at night can also be a great option.

However, for these moments of nocturnal fun are safe and comfortable it is necessary that the place is well lit.In fact, good lighting, especially those that provide beautiful effects, serves both to leave the environment with a beautiful and sophisticated decoration so that we do not run the risk of falling and get hurt, which can happen when the place does not have a good clarity according to computerminus.
In this way, we will show below 5 excellent lighting tips that will make your pool beautiful and safe.It is important to emphasize that the installation of any type of lighting must be done by professionals, since only they are able to analyze a series of small details that are determinant for everything to happen well and present the desired result.


LED lights are an excellent choice to leave the pools with a beautiful and economical lighting, since they leave the environment elegant and do not consume much energy, besides not demanding constant maintenance.
Compared with dichroic lamps, LED lights represent a very low consumption.However, although they are suitable for almost all types, sizes and sizes of tank, it is necessary to install several points of light in order to achieve efficient lighting and with beautiful effects.


The traditional reflectors, which are usually installed on the sides of the pools, are still a great alternative to leave the environment beautiful and well-lit. Because they are suitable for all types of tank, they are widely used, especially the 50-watt dichroics that create white light beams, since each can illuminate an area of approximately 10 square meters and does not generate heating.


The lighting of swimming pools through fiber optics, being safe, modern, economical and efficient, has been increasingly used.The lighting model at specific points is more suitable for rectangular tanks, since the light beams are carried from one side to the other, and the number of points to be installed depends on the size of the tank and the effects that the user wishes to obtain .


Floating reflectors, besides being economical and provide various effects, have another great convenience, which is the possibility of being triggered by remote control.Because they are on the water, they do not require any type of renovation in the environment, being ideal for swimming pools already completed.The great differential of floating reflectors is really the variety of colors and effects, which leaves the site extremely sophisticated and enables constant changes in the decoration of the environment.


Sidelight is a type of lighting that extends all around the edge of the pool, highlighting the outline and creating beautiful effects, especially when used in more vivid colors.Besides being economical and can be installed in pools already ready, this type of lighting is indicated for all sizes and formats of tank, and the more irregular the design the more interesting the effect.