5 Cute Children’s Stickers on the Wall

How to choose the most beautiful stickers to the children’s room? What are the themes you choose? Exactly for such needs we have prepared today’s article with an editorial selection of the cutest stickers for children.

Many are so lovely that we bought them ourselves – and it certainly has not kids age – indeed, not even teenagers.

Children wall motifs – a list of the cutest 5

As we came just for this stunt? What was the criteria for cuteness? We started from the most famous themes that appeal to almost all children – animals. Who I love cats, puppies and small giraffe? Perhaps everyone would like to have them at home = and often without any restrictions on their age. The joy we would do well to adults.

Therefore the inspirational article of Relationshipsplus to apply the nursery wall sticker we have the cute little animals. Another interesting wall stickers are creatures. Naughty, provocative and playful. Such would certainly expect in the closet or under the bed. And do not worry – not angry so much as creatures in Monsters, Inc. So this type of motives, we could not in our careful selection omitted.

The final piece to the puzzle are cute toys. They are indelibly associated with our smallest children, and even without them we could not grow. Cars, dolls, Rubik’s Cube, crayons … Whatever what you like little grown up, can probably enjoy it more and more generation. Trends in children’s room decorations does not change much. So today’s article about the loveliness will , with luck, timeless and dlouhobě permanent and valid.

And now to the actual chosen themes:

Puppy with bone

Cuteness alone – a small dog with proper bone that is perhaps even greater than he. But just to give up and fights with her. The best location in the corner of the room, for example, at the crib where the little kid to guard all night.

shaggy creatures

The long-term best-selling theme Wall creatures – no one knows what lies beneath her long hair, but we do not care. It looks simply divine.

Rocking horse

Probably we all grew up with him and remember the wild ride. As a small we did not bother us that neprojíždíme after a wild prairie Indians, but “only” in our room.

cheeky bunny

Bunnies and cute animals is never enough – this particular theme among the most popular and we saw him after he stuck to hundreds of sites. And rightfully belongs to our list of cute.

shy tučňáček

And to all a good five other pet – this time shy and slightly naive penguin. A small, but determined to explore the world. Just as your child.

And what about you? What wall motives consider inspiring and adorable? Send us your tips in the comments.