5 Brands to Take Care of Your Beauty and Life

Every day, we–women and men–we’re taking care of beauty. Yes, it’s a moisturizer, lotion, here a lip balm, makeup, and many other products that end up becoming part of our routine. But what many still don’t think is that behind these products, there are several substances not only bad for our body (substances that can cause cancer, for example), but which were used very bad forms of testing and production (such as the use of animal products entirely bizarre as, urine, placenta and the terrible animal testing).

It’s scary, I know. The idea of LF in this post is not just because I have a consciousness of a ex-vegetariana (which goes back to vegetarianism in brief) and overprotective of animals, but to impart to you that there is healthy options, accessible and correct for the environment and for our lives.

It’s been a long time since Green companies have entered the market to help us use our usual products without any qualms of conscience. Among them are the organic, natural, cruelty-free (that do not test their products on animals) and vegan (no animal products in your composition).

So I listed 6 organic beauty brands so that you not only meet and fall in love. Come with me:

1. Baims:

The BAIMS is an organic makeup company which is based in Brazil and in Germany. The brand since your creation has an ecological vision for providing natural and high quality products.

With that, the Baims does not test on animals, prioritizes the use of inputs and raw materials are natural or organic and free of toxic ingredients.

About the products: with a focus on Europe, the makeup is produced in laboratories specialized in natural makeup. Has everything you need in a brand of makeup, especially with beautiful colors and lipstick even more amazing.

You think that’s all, the packages are full and sophistication and, of course, natural made with bamboo elements and the boxes are made of FSC-certified paper-Forestry Stewardship Council (Forest Stewardship Council).

2. Bio-Cosmetics Bioart:

100% Brazilian company and that was one of the first to do makeup and beauty products with natural ingredients, vegan and organic in the country.

The brand is precisely in the South of Santa Catarina. And is being a pioneer brand surprises cosmetics bio odorant receptors belong, i.e. products that mimic the characteristics of skin and so lets look even more natural.

Not just thinking about the products, their packaging are recyclable and/or reusable, use the system of refills and its ingredients are certified and ensure that such waste return water and soil without assaulting the environment.

Different from the earlier mark, the Bioart has several beauty products. Among them are: masks bionutritivas, nutritional treatment for the scalp, facial cream, and more. In makeup, give prominence to the shadows MA-RA-VI-LHO-SAS I’m wishing so far.

3. Souvie:

This is a brand that I regret not having known before, but precisely when she was pregnant. The Souvieis a 100% Brazilian company and which cherishes the beauty with the preservation of the planet. The Mission of the tag is not only to provide quality products in beauty and health, but also on sustainable attitudes that makes us beautiful from the inside out.

In your formulas, the mark does not use PARABENS, dyes, SYNTHETIC FRAGRANCES and DON’T TEST on ANIMALS.

Souvie products are divided into three lines: the Be+(containing 8 products for skin care with nutrition and hydration), Newborn (line developed for the first 28 days of the baby’s life) and the Maternity line (made for moms who want to get beautiful skin care without exposing the baby to any problem).

4. Simple Organic:

Despite the name, the brand is pastry. The Simple Organic was created by Patricia Lima in those days when we want an answer and a solution for something that is within us, and sometimes we don’t give much attention.

Thinking of something genuine, but simple–so SIMPLE–the ORGANIC name brand has brought the objective individual, natural beauty and real, with elements of nature.

Among the products from Ehealthfacts are the WELLNESS: facial soaps, butters and body moisturizers. And the ORGANIC MAKEUP: that goes from the primer to the makeup remover. Fell in love with everything.

5. Almanati:

100% natural cosmetics are made with organic ingredients and biodynamic. The Almanati was founded with the vision to get in nature the best and use that to our advantage, of course, without hit her.

They always leave clear to consumers that use of specialized technology to create smooth and effective formulas to our body and to bring cheer and comfort at the same time.

The ingredients used are all brought from nature for packing and has since Rosemary until ylang-ylangto give balance and beauty to our body. The products are varied and divided in body care, face care and a line exclusively for male skin (my husband wished the gel aftershave).