44 Fashion Looks with Camouflaged Feminine Shirt:Learn Use!

Military prints are soaring this winter, bringing that more versatile face to those looks with lots of closed colors.

After the military green , the stamping on this coolest footprint is the perfect alternative to bring a super style to the composition .. and for you to super update on this mega trend, today we will talk about the darling and fashionista, camouflaged women’s shirt!

Although little comment on the piece, the option was already a super “trend” in 2013, appearing even in Minas Fashion by the John John brand

The fashion that comes from the 40s reinventing itself and bringing decade after decade new readings, was even in the mid 90s one of the “favorite” prints of the fans of the grunge concept.

Want to know more about this beautiful modeling and learn how to compose incredible looks with the piece? Come with us because the post is fantastic and super informative!

How to Wear Women’s Camouflaged Shirt: Looks Tips!

As we mentioned before , they are incredibly modern and bring a super style , being the kind of pattern perfect for winter looks precisely because of their more sober tones.

Below we prepare a selection of tips that will help you put together a beautiful production. See e ..

With short

The composition with shorts is well despojadinha and a super proposal for an informal look for the day-day (leisure).

To put on a beautiful look , according to Stilist Dani Ferraz , combinations with black shorts are the right bet, it’s still worth betting on jeans model shorts (that look good on everything too)!

On the feet, everything will depend on the occasion , but both sneakers, low boots, ankle or open boots, sneakers, sneakers and sandals fall super well with the camouflaged women’s shirt, including the half-paw model heels.

What does NOT look cool – Match the piece with flowery shorts (large prints) with lots of color and detail.

Below are some extremely stylish looks!

With pants

Another beautiful proposal is to opt for the combo (pants + camouflaged women’s shirt) because besides being comfortable, they are the type “look without error”Since this style of shirt has a more stripped footprint.

An intelligent diquinha in the hour of combining the piece, it is due to pay attention in what is the style of its shirt,   Or to notice if it is (drier and straight or more fluffy and bulky).

In case it is more dry, it is super valid to combine it with skinny jeans, cigarette and even flare models, for the more voluminous the ideal is the models of skinny pants (tapered and more coladinhas) in neutral tones wildcard like (black or White).

What’s not cool? And stampa camouflaged for the shirt and the pants at the same time.

With dress

The combinations with dress are mega detachable , since the feminine look of the modeling is broken in the look, when inserts the camouflaged piece.

To better understand what we are talking about, we separate two styles of mega modern looks and super it, to inspire you. Look:

In this first proposal we have a more “rock glam” style, dressed in tones more closed like the black camisetão style for example, they fall super well and add that more unpretentious and versatile look, in the feet an ankle boot or tennis completes beautifully the production.

Already in this second alternative note that it is hyper valid is to make a smart mix with dresses in “clean” colors also, those (more delicate with flowing textures). Adding to the look the modeling of camouflaged shirt, the look is hyper modern and renews super romantic style of the piece.

Romantic patterns combined with camouflaged shirts.

With skirt

Want to make a feminine and mega impeccable look, the skirts are the ideal type of model to add that charm if combined with the military style shirts!

The piece that has many options between textures also, brings a super up to its composition making it much more modern, at the same time that does not let the look lose the femininity.

And as for the dresses, the dark textured leather skirts look amazing if combined with the shirt pattern more in this relaxed footprint.

Alternatives in income, fluid tissues, midi or more elongated are also a grace.

Remembering that leather accessories in caramel tones, appeared in mid 2010 and 2011 combined with the military stamping in the parade of the Balmain and Teak brands.

What a super reference for combinations of colors until today, because it values much the mix of shades in green, brown and light yellow of the (military stamp).

Below is an example of a super gorgeous look with a camouflaged shirt, combined with a candy-colored purse!

Where to Buy: Prices and Online Stores

In the Bonprix online store we find the camouflaged shirt model, very similar to the ones we showed in the post, for a precocious super comrade of only R $ 139.

See the picture of the piece, below!

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