40 Ideas for Decorating Your Authentic Vintage Wedding

The older you look, the more modern the decor.
Did you find it confusing?

Then learn all about the vintage trend for wedding décor, and see some ideas to apply it to your celebration, adding more charm to the day.

According to the definition found in the dictionary, the word vintage refers to old products that are well maintained and still in use. It is also used to define a lifestyle that takes back the concepts used between the 1920s and 1960s, mainly applying to clothes, decorative objects and furniture. In short: the tendency to now use objects that could have been quietly used in the decoration of her grandmother’s first home, which probably had beautiful details and was full of pampering.What’s more, it’s a fashion that has come to stay, that wins fans, and has come with everything to the wedding decoration.

See the key decorative elements in a wedding, to make it a genuine vintage party, and learn how to tailor them best to your own style. The important thing is to get inspired with the tips and let the imagination flow.

The colors

Usually in pastels like pink, yellow and orange, this type of decoration is combined with the aged metallic tones, such as copper and matte gold.The flowers should be present, following the chosen tone.


The wooden furniture gives a vintage atmosphere that other materials can not reach. A 1920’s dressing table, guest chairs, china cupboards, it is possible to spread these furniture around and leave the ceremony looking old. And the best: wood works for both a vintage wedding with more rustic airs in the field, as well as indoors weddings that have a more sophisticated identity. And the material also blends perfectly with the flowers.In outdoor weddings it is common (and it is beautiful) to put a wooden portal decorated with flowers, before the corridor where the couple will enter.


Natural flowers, dried flowers, scattered petals … all this can – and should – be present in the decoration. Following the tones of the first item, the flowers are of immense importance, and give more romanticism to the created scenarios, and contrast with the strength of the wood.The floral print can also be added to fabrics, for example, as in the bride and groom’s chair, or stationery products.

Ancient objects everywhere

Antique objects are key details for anyone who wants genuine vintage decor, and the list is extensive.Watches, miniature goals, typewriters, antique phones, kettles (preferably made of iron), wooden boxes and chests, frames and mirrors with baroque frames, old camcorders, bicycles, old photo cameras and photographic films , A beautiful phonograph, hardcover books and, for the more daring, even a piano.Remember that here the more pampering, the better, since they create an original and kitsch vintage environment.But always keep in mind that objects must be in harmony with each other.

Your Majesty: the Estate

Although it is harder to find if you are not the owner, an element that is present in many vintage weddings and which is always a success in the wedding photo shoot is the good old Kombi.Yes, this car with history and much loved lends its charm to the bride and groom and gives an old touch to any ceremony, still having both its interior and its decorated exterior.Some couples even use it as a scene object.

Old photos and posters

The photographs are part of the wedding decoration of virtually every style. But if they are usually used in a smaller number to avoid making the environments heavy, in the vintage wedding couples will have more freedom to put all the photos they want, since the old picture frames are essential to make up the atmosphere of the place and leave Space as grandma’s room. It is advisable to put together the best pictures and place them in one piece of furniture, or in a special space, and thus will not carry the rest of the place. Older posters can also get into the decor, and it’s even more fun if it’s something the couple has in common, such as a hobby they practice together, or a singer’s poster they always listen to from the 1950s, for example. Another highlight is the small frames with golden frames and curved frames, where you can write beautiful, inspiring or funny messages with chalk.