4 Types of Sandals That You Should Have This Season

Spring is finally here and most of you will be thinking about the renewal of your wardrobe, from spring clothing to the most appropriate footwear for the warm season. It is time to say goodbye to our beloved boots and welcome to a fresh pair of sandals; This is why we have for you the 4 types of sandals that you should have this season.


The platforms are a perfect choice for this spring, especially if you want to avoid the use of heel high or high heels, stiletto, but without losing height in your appearance. Depending on the design, you can use your platform at a party on the beach, at a wedding or on numerous occasions.

Belt T shaped

This type of sandal as described in findjobdescriptions have a belt in the form of T along the foot, you can find them in a variety of different designs and can be used in almost any occasion. You can combine them with pants, skirts or dresses. Those that have a little bit of heel are very attractive with evening dresses.


Spring means Beach season and there is no other type of footwear more comfortable than sandals. These come in eye-catching designs and fresh colours; glide easily on the tendency of the new season.


The Swedes were considered as shoes for women of 60 years, however, today’s designers have created a more youthful shoe. This season, Swedes are one of the most stylish shoes to wear to a wedding or party. Whether they are Swedes on floor, with floral prints, heel or with ornaments; all are perfect for the spring season.