4 Tricks to Keep White Sneakers

The white sneakers are one of the strongest trends for winter shoes: it is a legacy of the eighties, who came back into fashion, to the delight of all women who love to flaunt chic casual look slightly ‘retro. There is, however, one small problem with this model of shoes: color. White, you know, it gets dirty more easily if the rule applies to clothes, let alone with the shoes. Did you know that there are some tricks to keep alive the color of our white sneakers? Here are 4 tricks that maybe you did not know!

1. Bleach

For stubborn dirt, you can use bleach, but it’s good degreaser kitchen or aqueous sodium bicarbonate.

2. Clean the rubber parts

To clean the rubber parts of the white sneakers you can use the nail polish remover, preferably mild. The canvas shoes, however, can be easily washed in a washing machine at 30 degrees!

3. Clean the leather sneakers

For leather sneakers you can use a little ‘of water with mild soap, rinse well and then allowed to dry in the open air. It’s good facial cleanser.

4. Clean the white suede sneakers

Did you know that you can spend some ‘of bread crumbs to get rid of stains? Otherwise the solution of water and mild soap, without rubbing too, is always perfect.

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