4 Tips to Match Your Birken Sandals with Jeans

Hello readers!

You know the birken sandals? Those casualties with buckles on the front where the foot is embedded? Yeah… They’re hated by a lot of people and really abhorred by fashionistas. But they are very comfortable and there are, yes, ways to wear them with jeans without making ugly. Check out the 4 tips below to match this controversial footwear with your favorite jeans.

The birken (from Birkenstock, the name of the original German model) are much compared to the Crocs, being called “ugly slippers” or “hippie flip-flops”, but they are always in the shop windows and conquer every day more admirers.
Coturno Of Sandals

Its appearance is rude, but intentionally: the goal is to be stripped and that even when produced from more sophisticated materials or adorned with glitter or rhinestones, do not fail to have a sporty appearance, capable of breaking the seriousness or romanticism a little Of any look. It is as if she were the shoe of the sandals.
The birken fits into a style called out of normcore, which is fundamentally a trend that prioritizes simplicity and comfort above any matter of style and beauty. And you want to play more normcore than jeans?
And to that end, the sandal has been combined with all kinds of clothes, skirts, shorts, dresses, jeans, etc., usually seeking a contradictory combination of look and footwear (but do not worry: birken is Democratic, use it as you wish).
According to personal stylist and director of the Style Divan consulting, Danyla Borobia, this is the key: “making the counterpoint is the cat’s leap, so if the look is all formal, feminine or even with a more rock and Roll and wear an item of clothing with a more normcore (birken) footprint the woman will look tame.”
According to Danyla, “the only restriction is in the business world. Some companies do not allow it because they have a stiffer dress code, so before using it, it’s good to have a check with the HR staff. ”
Regarding physical types, the personal stylist states that there is no point against but that there are some tricks that can be used to balance the silhouette:
– For short, thick legs and overweight women, it is best to make shorts and shorterdenim skirts and use birken in a more neutral color, such as nude, so the silhouette will be more elongated;
– The jumpsuits in the darker denim colors give the silhouette feel more elongated and leaner, and are super current when compounded with birken;
– Another easy trick is always to highlight the face. Putting on a deeper neckline, wearing a flashy necklace or a scarf can yield a few inches more in height.
Still not convinced to use birken? Then see how you can combine your sandals with various types of jeans and feel good:
1- With Jeans Skirt
According to Danyla Borobia, “items such as skirts and jeans shorts are great for composing looks with this type of sandal, because it is informal, sporty and nothing sexy, but when composed with feminine pieces leave the look more balanced. To be super modern, it’s cool to wear high-waist skirts and shorts.”
2- With Jeans
While bloggers are more likely to adopt a combination of birken and boyfriend pants, Danyla says “fairer pants like skinny pants are also a great fit.”
3- With Jeans Shorts
The combination of birken with shorts is one of the most intuitive and uncluttered. The destroyed jeans is the most used among bloggers, usually combined with shirts.
4- With Little Monkey Jeans
The combination of birken with little monkey or jumpsuit is not the easiest to find, but it does look beautiful, with the look of “clothes to walk on the weekend”.
When choosing your birken
If you’re still not sure whether or not you like birken, one tip is to experiment with models with thinner straps, or those with a shape similar to finger sandals.These formats, because they have a lighter appearance, are generally more accepted, even by people with a more classic taste.
In addition, there are a multitude of formats and materials and it is possible that with so many options, you may end up falling in love with some.
Try it! With the jeans+birken combo, besides being stylish, you’ll be very comfortable!
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