4 Tips on Toys for Children’s Day

I haven’t bought the gift of your little man? Don’t worry! Check below 4 tips of toys to give your child the next day 12 October and make nice with your Shorty in the children’s day.

Tip 1-Barbie Tablet Of Candide

We know that every girl is in love with Barbie, and we also know that in a world so scanned as today, nothing better than present your child with a tablet. The tablet of Barbie in addition to being cute comes with Android 4.1, WiFi, 7 inch Touchscreen and internal memory of 8 GB. But walk around in style with the most famous doll of the last decades, your child is still learning to turn in the new digital age and not be bullied.

Tip 2–New Dream House Mattel

If you were worried about your small insert in the digital age so early, we select a classic toy that every girl loves and you mom ever wish you could have! The new dream house Barbie Dreamhouse – Mattel has over 1 meter tall, spacious bathrooms, mirror lights, Elevator, beautiful bedrooms and even dog house. There are more than 50 accessories that can be arranged and rearranged for a non-stop entertainment.

Tip 3–Interactive Doll Minion Stuart Smiley Toyng

The film My Favorite Evil turned fever among children, and admit, among adults as well. Now imagine having your own Minion? The Toyng launched the Interactive  Minion Stuart Smiley. He has about 20 cm in height, is soft and emits more than 40 sounds like the movie and better, with the original voice. Uses 2 AA batteries 1, 5V included and is not suitable for children under 4 years.

Tip 4-Star Face To Face

How about Gifting your child with a classic childhood of kids from the ‘ 80? Our fourth tip is the game face to face. This children’s game is made for two participants, where one has to guess the character chosen by the other. One of the ways to discover the character of your opponent, you’re asking details of the characteristics of each. Brilliant, creative and Passionate, this game will surely captivate your child.

After these tips just choose the best option and that best fits in your pocket, and take advantage of the children’s day hanging out with the kids.