4 Tips on How to Choose a Purse

Handbag is not just a fashion accessory, it’s a necessity, without which we women can not do. Leave the house without her purse? Even by mistake! But how do you choose the right one that will serve us in all directions?

They are produced in different sizes, shapes, patterns and colors. It is not enough to have one, the ideal is to have several of them that can rotate depending on the situation. However you choose it is not always the easiest task. It would perform some basic functions.

Think about what you need

This is one of the most important criteria. If you carry a purse, which have a maximum of two or three things, then there is no reason to have it big – then it would be too empty and would not look good. In the event that, as part of their jobs often go to various meetings and the need to carry around and folders, plates etc., need a bigger purse that can hold everything you need. When you are going to the theater or just somewhere where you are just a wallet, papers and some cosmetic details, then just smaller purse.

Purse your character

Maybe you think it’s unnecessary, but believe that the shape of the wholesale wallets is important, depending on your physical constitution. If you are plumper and you have wide hips, then choose a handbag that will not add extra pounds. I will surely fit handbag with long handles – you looked uneven and much stronger. If you are a small and very thin, do not choose too large bags. If you’re tall, then you have an advantage – tall women can wear any purse, each on them will look good. Stronger women fit more bags thinner, into which, although fit what you need, but you do not add to centimeters. Ideally, when you are reversed when buying a purse over her shoulder and look at myself in the mirror.

The color of your outfit and

Color is another factor that is worth bearing in mind. Especially when you are going somewhere to party, party or meeting, it is good to reconcile purse with other clothing. If you have dark gray or blue clothing, will you throw black paint. The cooler color clothes you can use bags that are more realistic. If you’re wearing something wilder, for example in the ethnic style or something with beads or embroidery, preferring to choose the traditional handbag in red, brown or yellow hue. If you are unsure, buy a handbag in a neutral color that fits to any dress.

Quality for everyday use

If you need a handbag for everyday wear, then the mind and material. They are usually very cheap and of poor quality it may happen that you do plucks an ear or starts to tear. Choose and those that are washable and easy to maintain. Suitable are leather handbags that are durable and will last a few years.