4 Tips for Fixing Necklaces

Dealing with entangled necklaces can be very frustrating. Fortunately, there are many creative and simple ways to keep the necklaces organized and free from us. Instead of storing the necklaces in boxes, at the risk of getting tangled and trapped in each other, you can always hang them in a place of simple access. Inspire yourself here in some simple solutions to organize your favourite necklaces.

Crystal Drawer Handle

Choose some crystal drawer handles (and a wooden board, but is optional). See what wall you want to put them on. Align them in a line, with a distance of 3 to 4 inches between each handle. Pierce the wall to put the handle (depends on the fitting of the knob that you elect) and you can hang the collars.

Bed headboard

If you have a beautiful bed headboard and allow to hang some necklaces on each side, it is always a good solution: because it does not involve any work and gives a glamorous and unexpected aspect to the bed.

Photo Frame

Another different way and rotates to organize your necklaces is with antique frames and hang the necklaces over the frames. You can only use the frame and place half-moon hooks on the inner part of the frame. Or you can take the full picture and cushion the place where you’d put the picture. Then, with the help of pins, hold the necklaces on the pillow.


You can buy a tree-shaped necklaces to hang the necklaces or make your version with a natural branch to hang them.

Cork Frames

Paint a cork frame in the decor tones of the room, or place some cute images and then place hooks or pionaises long to hang the necklaces.

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