360° of Guaranteed Safety

You surely must have heard the Speed Dome camera model. But, what differs from other camera models and when there is need to use a template for this?

Speed Dome Cameras are designed for locations where there are large flow of people or vehicles, such as highways, shopping malls, airports, streets, etc. They show in great detail and even license plates face of people at a great distance, due to handling in PTZ (Pan/Tilt/Zoom). PTZ lets you move the camera in 360° horizontally and 180° vertically (90°/90°) and vision of all that is happening to your surroundings, being able to take control of routes that you want to monitor manually or automatically; in one camera.

Another important factor is your configuration function Preset’s, where you can choose specific and strategic points to the camera to perform automatically a route for that place.

With use of the Speed Dome Cameras, you can eliminate the need to use several different CCTV cameras in one location via deluxesurveillance.
Interesting isn’t it? After all, ensures safety at all angles.
The Clear CCTV offers three models that provide greater image quality, as well as greater security; Speed Dome models are 1.3 MP, IP Speed Dome AHD 960 and Speed Dome AHD 1080. In addition to all functions mentioned, our cameras deliver images more vivid and more detailed, being ideal for facial detection of individuals located at large distances.

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