30 Inspirations For Good Living Outside

Each space ambiance. Spirit of nature or contemporary, recycling or ultra modern style… We deliver 30 inspiring outdoor photos to help you make your space for the summer.

Live well outside it’s his outdoor space with style in a spirit who looks like us with colors that speak to us and who feels good. You have a small garden, a patio area, a court or a large airy garden, each location decorated with attention to experience nature with elegance and simplicity on a refined note.

The Ground of Its Outside Space

The ground becomes more and more important in Garden decoration. It determines the atmosphere, allows to delimit the spaces with ease and energizes all to bring him more character and more originality. There are several possibilities to dress the soil of his garden. There is of course the grass or artificial turf for a uniform and well maintained exterior, and for the patio or dining area, several floor coverings are available to you. There is before all the pavement that pace the space. The latter can be made of wood, stone, concrete or slate. There are also blades which enlarge the space by providing a more linear. This is for a garden floor covering in wood, including. Side floor, tile is back to give a retro touch to all: the original way cement tiles, graphic very contemporary tiles tiles or tile printing where appeal is made to materials vinyl (the coatings of the Beija Flor brand for example). See Polyhobbies for all types of extreme accessories.

The Colors of Its Outside Space

Color your garden, your terrace or your balcony depends on the result you want to obtain. If you imagine a multicolored garden inspired by the Mexico where it alternates between flashy and pastel tones 100% refreshing tones, bet on associations of indigo, pink, orange flashy blue, yellow lemon, green mint, all enhanced by black to the contemporary touch making the elegant set. If you dream of an extremely sober garden design accents, head to two colors to associate to a sweet harmony: blue and white, black and white, almond green and Blue Navy, red and taupe,… Finally, if you love wood and this spirit Scandinavian chic and sober, adopt the total look enhanced wood a light white or a refined beige. What is offer a garden decoration , colorful and full of elegance.

TheVegetation of Its Outside Space

You’re rather garden mind jungle where nature takes its rights or ordered garden where nothing is sticking? To find out what vegetation will be best suited to your garden, try above all to answer this question. Obviously preferred trees tops and hardwood, bamboo, the teeming plants, all hedges for a way jungle garden, very green and very few flowered for this spirit 100% green Savannah. The entire course can be enhanced by a frank tone (pink flashy, orange, yellow), but the Green must take precedence. For a chic garden, almost symmetrical inspired gardens to the French, the good idea is to go for rounded plants that will break the rigour. The rounded shape may also develop in the way prune the plant (for the boxwood, for example, you can give them the shape you want). Here, the lawn or the fake grass will also be required in the idea of a more classic than a mini jungle garden.