3 Ways to Wear Leggings

Like I told you a few days ago, Isabel Marant collaboration with H & M only excited me very late and very late I hear the day I discovered the most importable piece in the collection I named: the sequins leggings .

Naturally, thereafter, other things have suddenly embedded in my wish list, but the real thunderbolt, the real target was the sequin leggings.
My mother hates, hates Prisca, my guy hates Victoria hates the sound of clashing sequins soon as I pass it, but I, with I feel like in a clip of Selena Gomez. Or Cher, it depends.

Still, as many of you has seriously questioned the practical side leggings Sequine said, wondering how I was going to evolve Devil in company with that on the buttocks. Well just imagine that I have found some answers questions (yes, really), with proposals in support.

We can bring in the cool version, with a sweatshirt, a t-shirt or, as here, a minimum my favorite top worn over a shirt to play with the lengths and white whose job illuminate a little while:

Tennis, Topshop 
second option by combining a sequined printed. Personally, this is my favorite combination, you can don a smock (I have none), rendering stripes / sequins is super nice.

The last pro position, plus wise and also one for which I ‘ will opt more often I think : the shirt -or the pull – oversized, the genre that is too long to generally worn top and too short to wear dress. It hides the ass and it minimizes the sequin.

In terms of practical questions: about the size, I took 36 as I would have taken classic leggings as maternity tights. The interior is fairly elastic , I think it makes any faç is a certain margin of error. Naturally, as a fully embroidered garment with sequins, it tends to a little fat, the opposite would have been difficult given enough number of sewn sequins on it but for me, I tell myself that it does fe ra that m ‘ encourage find my cruising weight I largely atomized empiffrant like a sow for months.

But enough about me. You bought too? You wear / wear how? Send me your looks!