3 Tips to Leave on Vacation While at Home

Can’t always travel the entire vacation with the kids. Then, we create a vacation at home. With creativity and humor you can “leave on vacation” even being at home. This week I’m going to give you three tips that you can do every day, or on special days.

Get The Holiday Backpack Out

But leave to where? It does not matter. May be to go to the Park, the playgound of the building, in the House of his friend, grandparent. Or just to explore the block with you. What counts is the moment that children can play to get your backpack to leave. Explain that they will prepare the case for a imaginary trip. Choose the size of the Backpack: can be the school Lunchbox, a purse, bag, or backpack even.What are we going to put it? Let them think what they would like to take. Then, remind them of the necessary things (water, a snack, a change of clothes, sunscreen or against insects, a hat).

You don’t have to do a very large backpack. If does not fit all, let him decide what he’s going to stay and explain to you why the choice. Also ask him to test the weight because each one is responsible for your travel bag. All ready? Then, open the door and let’s hit explore.

Find Butterflies And Insects In The Garden

Summer holidays ask for outdoor activity. Why not explore the yard, the area free of the building to find butterflies, birds and other insects? Valley to follow an Ant to find her house. Just cannot destroy the nest. Make a scroll binocular hygienic, use a camera phone or a magnifying glass. Watch what you find with the kids, make crazy observations and take fun pictures. Create a real expedition into the world of your garden.

Camp Home

Bags packed, flashlights in hand, sleeping bags and we’re on our way to the camp in the room! For children, traveling to camp or mount the tent in the middle of the House, on the porch or in the yard can be fun in the same way. It’s fun to set things right, read a story in the dark with flashlights from Sportingology.com and sleep together on mattresses or sleeping bags.

When the Patcamargo was small, the camp was in the backyard of his parents’House. It could also be with cousins on the inside, on the football field of the neighbour. Today, she organizes the camp in the room. On special days, when it is a hot night, you can also set up camp on the balcony and fall asleep watching the night. If you can’t do with everybody, just put the brothers sleeping together is already a cheap!

Enjoy this day of camp to get out of the routine and eat a different snack, sitting in front of the camp and sleep later, after terrifying stories with the lantern light.

Oh! Vacation is also time to leave home and wander around with the kids.

There are some sites like Catraquinha, the Uol Children Walks or Bora there that bring various tips–with zero cost including – to take advantage of a tempojunto with ares different. Enjoy! You will see that goes fast. 🙂