3 Reasons to Take Very Serious The ZTE Spro Plus

As all expected that ZTE is poking at the battle of stop them range at the Mobile World Congress with a new Axon which definitely remove the label of Chinese brand of fair quality, go and spend all your presentation to a completely different product, projector multifunction Android ZTE Spro Plus.

An SUV in the tactile sense of the word because everything that happens on your screen AMOLED 8.4 inches with resolution 2560 x 1440 pixels plays it his laser 500 lumens projector with WXGA resolution (1.366 x 768 pixels) and your two speakers from JBL power 4w brighten it. For example, about two meters and a half away it projects an image of 80 inches.

They have presented it as projector portable and as such cannot compete against devices dedicated exclusively to the image. However, speaking of hybrids comes to stand up to rivals like Yoga Tab Pro 3 from Lenovo, a unit of consumption that can beat the quality of the image and other additional features such as autofocus or keystone correction.

A tablet of level

If you look at it only from above, in two dimensions, and forget its volume what you have against view it is a tablet with a few technical specifications of high quality within the Android segment. In particular, when cuando llegue you arrive it will offer a version of Marshmallow which we hope will be full of video and beyond office automation applications which puts ZTE to their smartphones. Test units still running an old version.

Seen so it’s a device with a screen 8.4 inch AMOLED which reaches 2K resolution (2,560 × 1,600 pixels) in which must be seen all phenomenally well at any time and in any place. Turn up the brightness to maximum will not be a problem because you are armed with a 12 battery. 100mAh, an eyesore that takes its toll on volume but which ensures an autonomy in this mode for several days at full capacity or five hours of continuous projection.

Inside hides a processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 801, that in the absence of more concrete tells us that it has four cores 2, 3 GHz or 2, 5 GHz in frequency and a 330 Adreno GPU. The choice is a little strange, had stuck over an 810, but probably are recycling part of the work with the ZTE Axon. Completed with a RAM of 3GB and 32GB or 128GB of storage, In addition to WiFi and even 4 G LTE optional connections.

Very bad you should give so that it does not offer great performance. If the intention is to have it at home or in an office, which is where the tablet are most of the time, it may be worth. Although it may seem enormous weighs less than a kilo, not so far to what weighed us an iPad 2 some years ago.

Total redesign

But that is not his reality, is that it has a third dimension to It goes against the unwritten law of technology do everything as small and light as possible except for the screens. We do not know its exact dimensions but by the images and videos is emerging that it is like a book of 250 pages.

Hence it ceases to be a tablet to become a projector and leave your lens and your ventilation hole. However, this is precisely where the Chinese manufacturer has done its best work. What you have here above is a Spro 2 ZTE, its predecessor, compared with the new. It is a metal block that does not invite to anything other than to view multimedia content, that you will not put on your legs to hang out or browse although your Android 4.4 allow it.

Compare. The Spro Plus does have an attractive appearance. Conveys a feeling of utility that even makes you think, and if I buy this instead of a current tablet and begin to seek him turns to watch movies and TV shows in a wall of House? It is not a necessity, just some workers will find it productive utility, but here also it may be worth.

And also if Media Center

About off-roading we say not only serve well as a tablet or as a projector of his images, also because it hides all ports and connections to become player of other devices. Cameras for video conferencing, controls for video games or own consoles. Its creators have called it”technological convergence”.

Here is the good news. Thanks to all those entries to the inclusion of Miracast, that kind of HDMI cable without cable, the standard that allows duplicate any image of an Android device. I.e., that it also support, or what is the same, you have the option to use your touch screen to search and run, or you can use your phone as a controller.

Another differentiator that is welcome is your system by enhanced voice control which recognizes commands from several metres away to avoid having to rely on touch screen or remote control. It is intriguing to wonder to which of these two microphones Harman and how it may be associated with Google Now.

Now we are no longer only to a projector or a tablet, the Chinese giant wants us to convince that it is also a Media Center partially substitute for television that channel several devices, perhaps on the terrace, during the holidays or for a summer night. Also it may be worth.

In search of your market

ZTE has presented a very interesting device that is * apparently competent in everything what it set *. It doesn’t behave like an amalgam of different inventions put against each other, is a compact, closed product that is not at odds with none of the standards of all what it takes inside. Is it as groundbreaking or innovative as they sell? I don’t think so.

Although it is a company that measures the prices much, at the moment they have not said how much will cost when it is marketed starting from this summer. The first market is the business but will also try to give output between conventional users for occasional use.

They are always appreciated these small surprises more mundane among all the spectacle of an event like the MWC and my got attention with a product that would have never thought that it would cause me buy. When we know how much it costs will be when deciding if it is really worth to buy it as a 2 x 1 or 3 x 1 or if it is more useful to do with each of the devices that aims to replace separately.

As we’ve been seeing section-by-section basis, for all it may be worth. I don’t know if he has given you the same arrow shot.