3 Open 4 G in September-Will Start in 15 Cities

To September opens 3 of 4 g-locks, but only in the 15 largest cities.

Vodafone and TDC is already well underway, but now there are only a few months for that phone company 3, also joins it into the 4 g battle.

On Thursday the company had thus invited the Danish tech-press to pre-launch at the Roskilde Festival, where Director Morten Christiansen unveiled 4 g plans.

Around 1. September opens the floodgates in the country’s 15 largest 3 cities.

-“By beginning with a focus on the largest cities, we mean to cover the immediate needs of our client group,” explained Morten Christiansen.

The 15 cities: Copenhagen, Aarhus, Odense, Ålborg, Esbjerg, Randers, Kolding, Horsens, Vejle, Roskilde, Helsingør, Herning, Hørsholm, Silkeborg and Næstved.

Currently there are placed 300 master with 4 g, and the number is constantly being upgraded.

“Right now we cover about 35 percent of the population, but at the end of the year we will have expanded to over 800 master and thus more than half of the population,” added 3-Director.

3: We have not been too slow

Launch of 4 g in Denmark, however, already moved last year with TDC and Telia’s entry on the market.

Nevertheless rejects Morten Christiansen, to 3 has been too slow to get out of the sand.

-“It can have its advantages to be a ‘ first mover ‘. It seems to us, however, is not the case in this market, “said 3-Director.

-“We bind to a great extent 4 g along with the ‘ devices ‘ (mobiles and tablets, ed.), and we have been focusing on doing the preparatory work properly at the same time as we get a good timing in relation to product launches. Currently 4 g a dongle product for your computer in Denmark, but we expect to have our first 4 g mobile ready during the third quarter. So it’s the right timing, “added Morten Christiansen.

3 informs that all the company’s customers can get access to the higher speed regardless of subscription-and without paying extra. It requires that you find yourself in an area that is covered by the 4 g, and that it is equipped with hardware that supports the technology.

There will also be launched a new data-subscription with very large data usage. The price is not yet published, but 3 claims that there will be “a sharp price”.