3 Models of Panties that Don’t Mark the Dress

Nothing is more unpleasant than makeup, choose the finger that beautiful dress, kept for special occasions and then find out that you don’t have panty models to compose the visual without leaving marks.

Of course with a few dresses is virtually impossible to hide completely the brand of underwear. But on the other hand, the smaller her visibility, better!

Since you no longer wear panties is not an option for many women, it remains to be seen choose the ideal lingerie to match your dress and minimize to the maximum this uncomfortable mark.

To help you in this task, see this post 3 panty models you don’t score in the dress and will ensure you work in visual. Check out!

1. Models Of Underwear: G-String

The popular thong is one of the panty models I couldn’t get off the list.

Small and with differentiated cutting those panties is perfect to wear with dresses, especially the more justinhos, because it does not mark the body, leaving only its curves.

So that it is practically imperceptible to the dress, give preference to the smaller models, fine fabric and with narrow side. However, avoid those with elastic side, regulators and plastic hooks, as these can mark the visual.

The downside of this type of underwear is that many women consider it uncomfortable. It’s up to you to weigh the pros and cons, but there is no doubt that she is a great combination with dresses and worth considering it on a special occasion.

2. Seamless Panties

The models of panties seamless are without doubt the best bet for those who want comfort, but don’t want to have the visual committed and marked by the lingerie.

There are briefs available on the market that does not have stitching, still have electronic cutting and laser finishing that make the play virtually unnoticeable under the dress.

They are usually made in Microfiber or lycra and can be of various models, as thongs, shorts, Thong, among others.

The trick is to choose the model according to your body. Skinny women can bet on smaller models and with narrower side. For those who are already overweight and have localized fat deposits, are the models less dug, with wider side and waist high, to give more support to the abdomen.

3. Short Of Income

This model will surprise most people.

Short of income it’s a play Joker and, contrary to what many people think, not mark anything when used with dress.

This piece is always associated with many details, textures and embroidery, which leads us to believe she will score. But that’s where we were wrong!

Short of income is made with thin and light wires, does not have elastic and has no seams on the sides, just in the middle. In addition, he has a hack that ends below the butt, that is, it is super comfortable and not squeeze any region of the body to be in evidence on the dress. Is an excellent choice!

In addition to the parts that we mention in this post, there is also the option of using the dress without panties. Some women prefer and feel free from worry, others they feel unsafe and uncomfortable.

It’s up to you to choose the best, however, it is undeniable that the lingerie promotes more sexiness and self-esteem. With the right underwear and your favorite dress, you’ll feel more confident, secure and even more sexy!

Which of the panty models cited you usually use with dress? Tell us in the comments at dentistrymyth.com!