20s Vintage Fashion

The 20s are a real source of inspiration for the current vintage fashion. There is indeed a fascination for fashion designers of that era was marked by the house of Chanel high fashion. Little background on this mode is still talking about it.

The history and fashion

We must remember that the 20s were a post-war period, and women and men are determined to finally enjoy life.

According to aparentingblog, vintage fashion becomes a focus that had been forgotten and put aside for a time. Women wear shorter skirts and straight often sleeveless. The tissues become more shimmering and bright and we see feathers and fringes appear. This is the time of the Charleston, the party and dance.

What to wear for this look

Nothing is easier than dressing with this very special touch of the 20s Parts preferred are made in shiny fabrics with lace, embroidery, pearls or even feathers. The clothes are cut straight with a low waist that arrives at the hips. Skirts come to the knee or just below, but the pants also appeared for a boyish style. The shoes are small retro shoes with a flange on the front and a medium high heel.

Accessories 20s

This is a time when women are pretty and parent whimsical accessories, especially on the head. Small caps are always in fashion, but the bands hair accessories remain the privileged women of the time. They adorn their short cut by putting a touch of femininity and fantasy that is consistent with the style of their dress.