20’s Jewelry: Home Of Modern Fashion

The jewelry, fashion and style of the 20’s has not only left a great mark in the history of fashion, but also in the general history of humanity.

That’s why artists, filmmakers and designers are constantly returning to that era. I wrote about almost every decade and for some reason I missed this great era. Maybe this post required me a special preparation. I wanted this post to be inspiring and I hope it is so.

The 20’s style forms tend to be direct and strict making the figure more feminine, according to 3rjewelry. The jewelery is perfect for a fancy restaurant, where the musician plays the piano, the candles have a slight flicker with a pleasant smell and handsome men spin slowly in their luxurious costumes. This is the style of the acclaimed movie “The Great Gatsby”. And maybe many people will agree that this is one of the most beautiful decades.

This is a leisurely style, so it is unlikely to be appropriate at work. Although, in the theater, a wedding or a party type 20’s, will be a good choice. This style has an impeccable taste. Recently one of our subscribers said that it would be difficult to introduce this style into modern fashion. Well, I would not mind. I love the unusual nature of clothing and jewelry from the 20’s.

Many fashion houses that opened in the 20’s have become famous brands in the twentieth century, and still exist. They have taught us the atmosphere of that time.We have learned that they had nonsense ideas, valuable attributes and people who lived between two wars. The jewelry was a feminine symbol.

Love for pearls

Long pearls were the favorites. And this charming trend remains popular.

Pearl decorations became an iconic trend only until the 1950s, but in the 1920s, they wore them in business suits and put them on coats, coats and jackets. The main reason for popularity was the fact that pearl jewelry was a safe bet because they are suitable for almost all women, regardless of age or skin color.

This type of earrings were the epitome of elegance for adult women. The earrings in minimalist style are popular because of its practicality. They are perfect for business suits and evening dresses. The variety of shapes, colors and pearls complement any look. However, nowadays this material is used more frequently in youth collections.

Jewelery for hair

They could be simple, but always shiny and complemented by huge, long earrings.Such jewelry could be made of any metallic material adorned with shiny stones.There were bows and tiaras created with thin threads and false stones. At that time they also used rectangular forks.

Large Jewelery

This time is also associated with large necklaces and huge earrings. The more fantasy the design had, the better. Wide necklaces with shiny stones, large pendants or slender strings were somewhat impressive. Especially when combined with a satin cocktail dress or a simple blouse. It is one of those pieces that can be safely introduced into the modern wardrobe. That yes, you must be careful with the sheen you need in your basic outfit.

Cocktail ring

The most striking feature of that era, or rather, the nocturnal fashion of that time is, of course, the gemstone. Jewelry in “The Great Gatsby” by Baz Luhrmann, makes the attention of the beholder in jewelry. Daisy’s rings appear more in the film than she does. And yes, the fashion of the cocktail rings appeared at that time. The cocktail ring is unique and has been the social indicator of women. They are so unusual that sometimes they scare us, but that is precisely what we need. A bright and unusual cocktail ring should always be in your jewelry box!

Art Deco

At the same time appeared a separate line in the world of fashion: Art Deco. And it was based on cultures and people from different countries. The center of influence was China. From there arose a great interest by the stone jadeíta.Boucheron and Cartier used many Chinese motifs in their jewelry during the Art Deco era, combining jadeite and coral. The passion for Persia gave jewelers the idea of making rather exotic combinations with turquoise, lapis lazuli and onyx. Many fashion houses began to create different jewelry accessories and other objects, such as: cigarette cases, lipsticks and dust boxes.

Since 1925, the “Art Deco” style has been installed in jewelry, where it appeared the preponderance of the combination of geometric shapes, dynamic lines and colors. Flat bracelets, long beads, squares and triangles replaced the intricate Art Nouveau jewelry. Many critics of that time described this style as something completely opposed to glamor and too pretentious.

Large bracelets with an antique look were a major attribute in the 20’s.CLICK TO TWEET

The bracelets were made mainly of silver. The large and shiny bracelets were particularly relevant, especially if they had an Indian, Turkish or Greek style. The style of the 20’s also included bracelets with crystals, chains and fine beads. This piece could be one of the most expensive in the coffers of the fashionistas of that time. It was definitely one of the most important accessories in fashion.

The Art Deco style is the last great European fashion.CLICK TO TWEET

It got its name in 1925 and means “decorative art”. It was developed under the influence of the archaeological site that had discovered America and the civilization of Ancient Egypt. Art Deco lasted a little over fifteen years and has become a symbol of financial well-being, prosperity and sophistication.


Brooches were also part of the most important attributes. Because without them no hat would look fashionable. If the hat had bright colors, the brooch should not be too pretentious and if the hat had patterns, the brooch should be small and preferably geometric. Everyone was afraid of the accusations of being kitsch. So every fashionista paid special attention to jewelry. Not all women found the courage to wear something that did not shine well enough.

The style of the 20’s was filled with brilliance in jewelry, dresses, accessories and shoes. The shiny jewelry was next to fur and feathers, silk and satin dresses, embroidered with sequins and metallic colors.