‘ If Tomorrow ‘, The Charter of an Alzheimer’s Patient That Do Not Need Be Real to Move Us

Today is World Alzheimer’s day. A cruel, hard to accept, disease whose magnitude only include those who live it closely. People who want us to forget us. To forget those who are. That our common memories are only in our memory. In recent days, a letter has become viral on social networks. The Charter of an Alzheimer’s patient to the woman of his dreams. What we know of it, in addition to its infinite capacity to move us? (more…)

All The Damage They Are Doing to Our Feet Heels

Years ago, Victoria Beckham stated that he could not think without wearing high heels. Therefore, we assume that You must have be a drama for him to be forced to get off the stilettos that, until recently, it looked at any time of the day. It all began during her last pregnancy, in 2011, which coincided with a diagnosis of herniated disc. Then, his doctors recommended you leave the heels aside, at least for a while. And, this year, she herself acknowledged that not already used them in their day to day and reserve them only for major events. And we? Are we clear the damage that heels make our feet? (more…)