Lupus, First Person

Last week, it was obvious the news that Selena Gómez canceled his Revival tour because of (anxiety, depression and panic attacks) psychological complications arising from the disease of lupus that suffers. In the article, I talked about systemic lupus erythematosus, a chronic autoimmune disease, no known treatment, in which the patient’s defenses attack healthy tissues and cells. We talked to three patients of lupus and they gave us their view of the illness. Today, we have decided to give them a voice again. To them, those who suffer from lupus every day. Because this disease is still a big unknown, while suffering many more people than we think. And because it affects especially women (approximately 90% of those affected are women). (more…)

Being Attractive Is a Matter of Attitude (And to Change Seven Bad Habits)

Appearances aren’t everything. Our mothers told it from a very small, but many times we strive to ignore them and concern us more than our outward appearance to cultivate our interior. However, be attraction of truth has much more to do with your attitude that with the right haircut look. And with delete these seven habits, real errors in that if you fall just get people you avoid, by very cute wherever you go. (more…)

The Best Announcement of Barbie That You’Ll See in a Long Time

Probably Barbie It is one of the dolls most famous… to say that more. But at the same time is what most criticism has had over the years: your measurements, her makeup as well as that macho touch that has surrounded it ever has made that poor blonde receives adjectives of all kinds. But now Mattel He has been stepping and created the best ad of the history. We’re exaggerating? Look at it with your own eyes and voices. (more…)

5 Truths Not What Are Always (And Believe Us Both Repeat)

We believe all. We are surrounded by charlatans, in the media and in our everyday life. They repeat ideas heard in turn to others, and all we have just making dogma of faith. If not we meditate upon them too, these unwritten rules end up shaping our comfort zone; a huge comfort zone in which our decisions are never questioned because we never took the foot of the pot of political correctness. (more…)