Inspirations for Children’s Party!

Hello friends, today our post is mega special! Do you know why? Because it was made by you, the dear readers of Luxury guess who kindly made the challenge to help us build this matter! A little over a week ago we had a post about the work of photographer Andrea Alves, who has a blog where she put several pictures full of tips for children’s party decorations. (Do you remember? SEE HERE). Anyway, it was a great success! We’ve received several comments and e-mails from moms who loved the idea and asked for more inspirations for children’s parties. It was then that we decided to ask for the collaboration of our palpiteiras, which quickly sent us hundreds of pictures of girls, boys birthdays, baby shower, various suggestions very cute for children’s parties! (more…)

Marsala – Trend Color

Have you heard? The new year is full of energy, because an earthy Burgundy called Marsala is the trend colour by 2015. Now, to the color of the year, she was named by PANTONE color specialist. The company based in the United States develops color systems, is working with those in the graphics and printing and providing that for example, distinctive corporate colors always look the same, no matter on which paper or surface. Since PANTONE colors are always reproducible by a unique code. Trend forecast and analysis of the color market a luminary PANTONE is not only in the field of printing, also in the area of furnishings and fashion is based on the color specialists. (more…)

A Blog on the Topic LED Yet?

..und which is to convince as many people as possible by switching to LEDs. Because they are simply the better alternative. For the environment and for your wallet. Sure, you already know many advantages of LEDs. Our editorial team has encountered equal during his daily research to new and interesting topics related to the LED technology a whole mountain of them. In the following we have put together a small overview you, which itself should bring the last sceptics at least began to falter. (more…)

Wedding Dresses Fashion Trends

Wedding Dresses

No longer reigning absolute, the white wedding dress, in 2017, will yield a bit to place your new colors, which arrive with everything fashionable brides and promise to be one of the largest betting and trends. Views in many international shows, such as Vera Wang and Monique Lhuillier, who brought the catwalks beautiful bridal gowns and colorful, the shades as roses, ash, light green, beige, ivory and nudes, dominated the major international parades bridal fashion. (more…)

How to Choose the Right Sweater for Your Body

In this article I will give you a simple guide to choosing the right sweater for your physique. Woman’s wardrobe sweaters can not certainly miss. They come in different types: those lighter, they wear in spring and autumn, and heavy ones that protect us from the severe winter weather. The sweaters are very easy to wear and are suitable for many combinations, the shape is similar to that of a long-sleeved shirt, then with the neck which can be round, in v or boat neckline and of varying lengths. (more…)

Makeup Trends for Winter

Make to use in the cold

No mention of anything else. In times of fashion weeks, attention are all geared for 2012 winter trends. Have already been presented the concepts that will make success in the coldest season of the year, all on clothing, shoes, accessories, hair and makeup. As yet we cannot anticipate the winter shopping, because these parts haven’t arrived in stores, how about we stay inside of sets in question make? These trends can be copied at any time. (more…)

History of Paraplyets

Probably invented the umbrella in China for about 2400 years ago. But then it was rather to protection from the Sun that you used it as a pale skin was the man efterstävade.Afterwards came the invention of Silk roads West to England and France, where they began to appear during the 1600 ‘s, but hardly was used extensively until the 1700 ‘s, and mainly by women. Men still held most of capes to keep the rain away. But around 1700 century decided to suddenly grandeur with the umbrella and popularity quickly spread. (more…)

Models of Women’s Wallets from Fasolo

The Fasolo is one of the leading brands in leather products in the country, especially when the subject is quality portfolios. Specializing in items for the male audience, now the brand is gaining more prominence with parts for women by investing in modern design and according to the main fashion trends. See in detail the line Carolina Fasolo, prepared only for the creation of women’s wallets: (more…)

Stowa Aviators to Win Classic Sport

Golden Balance 2016: Vote now in the final and win valuable watches

Stowa presents the Aviators Classic sport in the tradition of their military watch from the 1940s. The stainless steel housing, which has grown from 40 to 43 mm in the latest edition, and the extra-thick sapphire crystals increase both the shock resistance and the waterproofness that is now up to 20 bar. The Crown is screwed and provides increased protection against impacts as well as dust and dirt. The automatic plant ETA 2824 is responsible for the drive. As can be seen through the sapphire glass window in the full threaded floor, the rotor manufactured by Stowa carries the typical inscriptions of historic military pilot clocks. (more…)

Danube Salmon and Pike – the Start of the Fishing Year

Hello and happy new year to all close-most fish readers!

The first month of the new year has passed already – high time to introduce a mini project for 2015. Since I wrote last year at this point relatively infrequently, I would like to write a short blog post 2015 monthly no matter how successful I am on the water. The just begun as authentic accompanied fishing year should be so. I wish you read lots of fun and 2015 on the water much success!

Danube salmon and Pike in January

2015 began an absolute highlight for me, I had to be able to follow the good fortune of an invitation for salmon fishing. In the first week of January, I spent three exciting days on the snow-covered banks of various Alpine rivers. A salmon was unfortunately not look – I could still take wonderful impressions home. And I come back, definitely! (more…)