Shirt and Shorts, Summer

The cutting edge of fashion
The swimsuit, innocuous slip, is a social conquest… and now at the forefront of fashion.
The cutting edge of fashion
Shorts and underwear for every budget
Men Street
Calvin Klein
Dolce & Gabbana
John Richmond
Emporio Armani
The swimsuit is a piece of clothing if accessory that many men fail to take an interest. Fatal error: this innocuous slip is a social conquest… and now at the forefront of fashion. (more…)

Tips for Choosing the Right Lighting for Your Home

With these simple tips, you leave your home more beautiful and increases the comfort of your home.

Many people don’t pay too much attention to lighting. Only those who already had the help of an interior designer with suggestions of the correct type of light to every room of your home to see the difference that a good lighting makes in the House, including an improvement in comfort and well-being. (more…)

LED Traffic Lights

Who would have thought that an invention from the 60’s would be considered as an illumination of the future? The intense technological research has allowed the evolution of the LEDs and also the new devices that will use them. If you’ve read our article on LED TV, you already know how the application of diodes has raised the picture quality of televisions because they have a panel with thousands of lights, instead of having a single light source. To know more details about the new generation of televisions and see the comparison with the plasma television, accessLED TV, the sensation of 2010.

Yves Saint Laurent Is the Subject of Two Biopic

Yves Saint Laurent does not need presentations: his presence in the fashion world of clothing and glasses of degree and sun remains imposing, even though he is no longer among us. The world lost this celebrity in 2008 and by 2013, there are already people willing to pay homage to its existence on the screen. The French fashion designer of the most fashionable glasses is the theme of nothing less than two biographies. (more…)

Wall Stickers: How to Put

When the years and looked at our House, we see that there’s something missing, something of a different look. So we decided to paint the House, yes that changes a lot, brings a joy and a better visual. But after the House painted, again we look at the walls and we want to decorate them. There is entering what will be shown here. The wall stickers are ideal to change the look and bring satisfaction and fill that vacant space on the wall.


The Many Lingerie Appearances of: Carrie

Continuing the subject of the end of the week… We talk about the success of Norminha’s novel 8, we saw examples of how to show lingerie without doing perigueti. But I could not stop talking about one of the most iconic characters on TV when it comes to lingerie from the outside: our dear Carrie Bradshaw. Guys, you have no idea how many pictures I found. Apparently, it’s strange for her to leave the lingerie hidden. (more…)

Fishing at Dusk, the Key Time

Towards pretty that I was not a hollow fall afternoon to enjoy that special schedule, usually fish at noon where always is all hard…
Sunset is unique, shadows begin to lengthen and stretch gently, everything begins to blur, a transition begins in nature where they are hiding some species and are arising other, sounds change, become mute birds and begin to sing the crickets, frogs and toads troubadours begin function but not everything is cute… mosquitoes emerge as of spring and the swarm is left to listen also closely well stuck in the ear

Clothes Tips to Use in Lawn(in Cold Weather)

In the period in which we traveled the temperatures oscillated between 6 ºC  to 23 ºC .

For the first two days I believed that my ride would not yield beautiful photos, due to the fog and thin rain that fell on the city of Gramado( 6 ºC   to  10 ºC). On the other days we were able to get cooler temperatures( 10 ºC   to   16 ºC). And the sun only appeared in fact the last, we were coming home( 21 ° C   to   23 ° C). (more…)