Microsoft Shows New Photo App for Microsoft Surface RT

Photos are something we all have, therefore, Microsoft has created a little sneak peek at their new photo application to Surface.

Our photos are located today on multiple platforms; Facebook, Picasa, Dropbox etc. But when they must be seen we will not to visit all of these websites.

Therefore, Microsoft has incorporated the main platforms in their new photo application for Windows 8 RT, which comes on the new Microsoft Surface RT tablet in the autumn.

The new application makes it easy and more manageable to view image, share pictures and handle images across platforms.

Microsoft, together with the new app, created a small demonstration video that shows what they have to offer. And the more pictures you can look at this website.

Firefox heading with Something Big for Android

Firefox is known to the PC but is also out for Android, yet teaser for something big, fast, smart and safe.

Firefox browser for Android has been out for some time, but also a public beta version for the new and re-designed version, has been in Google Play Large in some time.

But Mozilla, the company behind Firefox seem to have something new up his sleeve for the next week, according to their Twitter profile.

Here, they have announced that something big is coming to Android in the next week, as well as a picture that visser one Android phone, as well as Firefox’en on the inside of the phone where there next is written “fast, smart, safe”.

Our site believe that there may be a connection between Mozilla and Google i/o Conference, which kicks off from the 27. June.

Nokia Lumia 900 Will Be Updated with Bug Fixes

Nokia has announced that a new update is on the way to Lumia 900 units. Read more about it here.

Nokia Lumia 900 customers can now rejoice that Nokia has released an update to their devices, which dishes up on several things and improves its performance.

To download the new update to your Lumia 900, you need to have our site installed on a computer, then follow the instructions in the program to update the device. (more…)

Zynga Are Planning a Social Network for Gamers

Rumor: Games manufacturer Zynga Inc. is on track with its own social network for gamers, I wonder if they will compete with Facebook that made them a success?

Zynga Inc. has revealed that we probably get a new social network for gamers called “Zynga with Friends” on Tuesday.

The new network will pair gamers with opponents and one can make player profiles, chat and much more whether to play a Zynga Game on your phone or on your computer.

There is no doubt that Facebook has helped Zynga for the success they have today, which, among other things, helped with games such as Farmville became huge successes.

Earlier this year bought the Zynga Game Draw Something, so it looks like they are really committed to making things even now and perhaps will create the best and largest social network for those who love to play.

Windows Phone 8 Comes with This New Keyboard?

A picture is let out of a Windows Phone 8 unit with new specially designed keyboard, see it here.

For a Microsoft presentation is who let an image out there shows a HTC Trophy, but not an ordinary one at that, for keyboard in it seems to contain a completely new design.

The keyboard is designed to be operated only with the thumb, and is therefore focused from one corner of the screen.

The letters are clumsily together in boxes containing three to four letters, and would therefore make it easier and faster to write on, according to our site.

Software made to be Windows Phone 7, and it is therefore expected that the keyboard also will feature in Windows Phone 8 software.

Tag with Oscar & Olivia at Rumeventyr in a New Child Application

Once were godnathistorien equal to a good old book, and one of the parents at the bedside. Now it can also be an application.

Once upon a time there was… That is how we are used to the classic Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale begins. But how to start a quite interesting adventures from 2012 not just completely.

“Oscar & Olivia on rumeventyr”, is an adventure from 2012, and it is studded with the instruments present giving.

Danish Music-App Offers the Same Possibilities as Nexus Q

A new application provides users with the same opportunities for music sharing, as Google gives with their new product Nexus Q.

Many teenagers have often said “I have some music as of right must hear” for friends.

And when you’re gathered for a smaller party, it can provide some challenges; either the song is transferred from the phone, otherwise one must hope the docking station fits that particular mobile-and Yes, otherwise you have to plug in a jack. (more…)

Android “Safe Mode” Filed in Android 4.1 Jelly Bean

Android is known to save on small details, and now even a surfaced, “safe mode” is stored in the Jelly Bean.

You probably know the function from your PC, or have been unfortunate enough to come across it on your PC.

“Safe mode”, also known as safe mode, a mode to start the computer up in, that makes that all third-party applications will not be activated, and thus makes it easier to debug the Windows System. (more…)

Tim and Trine on Tour-the App That Teaches Children to Read

It’s a little boring summer weather can be useful by Tim and Trine application that can teach children to read in holidays.

The application read with Tim and Trine offers reading for all children aged 7 to 12 years.

The built-in reading and spelling help making the app is highly suitable in special area. It is important for the kids to read and find the phrases that fit the 12 funny pictures full of experiences with Tim and Trine.  (more…)

Samsung Is Expected to Have Sold 50 Million. Smartphones

Analysts from the major analysis houses believe that Samsung has sold more than 50 million smartphones in the second quarter.

It is expected that Samsung has sold more than 50 million smartphones last quarter, according to the IDC analyst Francisco Jeronimo.

Samsung and HTC does not come with sales figures for their entire product portfolio, but most often only the sales figures of their flagships. The same analysts also believe that Apple in the same quarter has sold around 30.5 million iPhones.

It is our site, which has been in dialogue with analyst firms Gartner, IDC and Strategy Analytics. If the figures hold for the rest of the year can only time will tell. However, analysts predict that Samsung will increase its lead to Nokia.

Tablet ready by Google – Nexus 7

The Specifications about Google’s New Tablet Nexus 7 Was Leaked Prior to the Presentation. See Them All Here.

The rumors spoke true, and Google has just under the Google I/O this evening presented a new tablet from Google. Android Police found before keynoten started an official press photo of a tablet which sounded the name Nexus 7. It ended up so to be true enough.

Nexus 7 comes with the latest version of Android, version 4.1 Jelly Bean.  (more…)

Voice and SMS on 4 g LTE (VoLTE) Now Works in Practice

New demonstration of the circle shows that voice calls over 4 g now also works outside the network manufacturers’ laboratories.

The lack of support for the circle is one of the major stops for the rollout of 4 g on mobile phones, which we have previously written about.

But now the company Renesas Mobile Corporation, who makes reference designs for mobile phones, demonstrated VoLTE (Voice over LTE) and SMS on a Nokia Siemens Networks 4 g LTE network. (more…)

Follow Wimbledon with an Official App for Android and iOS

Wimbledon starts today and with an official app for your Android or iOS phone you can follow at close range.

The Danish summer weather has safely cared for many sports interested well. So far, they have relatively low temperatures made it more attractive to sit on the couch and watch sports, rather than turn the steaks in the rain.

And this summer is really high pressure on sporting events. EM running at full steam, and the Tour de France and OLYMPICS is waiting just around the corner. In addition, starts Wimbledon on Monday the 25th. June. (more…)

Facebook Can Affect Your Mobile Contacts

Facebook has changed in your information, it may affect the contacts on your phone. Read here what you can do.

Facebook has changed on your email settings and maybe you’re not aware of it.

Facebook has created your email address on to your Facebook email, which you had assigned a long time ago. But because that no one apparently uses the, so has Facebook through trumped the changes to your profile. (more…)

Nokia Makes Ready for Windows 8 Production

Nokia looking over his shoulder, and the timber industry now store for Windows Phone 7 in favor of the next generation.

Nokia has begun to diversify into the production of the next generation Windows Phone (WP), namely WP 8.

According to our site, there have been cuts in the production of the current Nokia Lumia devices, which could indicate that Nokia follows the same trend as Apple.

Apple also cuts down of production, and timber stocks for current models to make ready for the next generation.

It and so the downward sales of Lumia series after announcement of WP 8 and the lack of backward compatibility with the system that is helping to cut down the production, think our site.

Microsoft Shall Bear the New Press Conference Tonight

Microsoft is holding a press conference this evening, where the new Office package can be considered – perhaps with the iPad version.

Microsoft has recently held several press conferences. First was the new Microsoft Surface presented, then we got Windows Phone 8 revealed.

But now hold the yet another event, and once again, Microsoft has chosen not to reveal anything in advance, and it could indicate a new surprise.

Several media reports about the upcoming Office 15, or Office 2013 as the final Edition most likely will be called.

However, it should not only be to Microsoft’s own platforms to the new Office suite will be released to, also a specially-designed iPad version is foretold by our site, to be revealed tonight.

We will here on our site, of course, follow up on tonight’s news conference.

Batman Is Ready to Take on Android and iOS

Batman is not only topical on the big screen, but is also ready to take Android and iOS-download the game today.

If you do not have the opportunity to go to the cinema, to see the critically acclaimed and last film in the Batman trilogy, then there is an alternative.

The Dark Knight Rises is just been released for Android and iOS devices, where you can follow and control the Batman’s return to Gotham City. (more…)

Google Drive Now out to iPhone and iPad

Google Drive expands its market position and now come to both iPhone and iPad – download it today.

Google Drive is Google’s direct competitor to Dropbox and Microsoft’s Skydrive, and is catching up on world markets.

Google’s team has just released their latest big service to the iPhone and iPad, and it can already be downloaded from today.

Google Drive offers you as the only whole 5 GB of free space in the cloud, which is more than the Dropbox, but less than Microsoft’s Skydrive that offers 7 GB.

Google Drive has created a presentation video you can see below, and if you are interested, you can download the application free to your iOS device here in Apple’s App Store.

Phone Call Is Only the Fifth Most Used on Your Phone

When Mr Graham Bell invented the phone, it was because you could call each other, but it is now no longer the right used on the cell phone.

Regular calls from the mobile phone reminder farther and farther down on the list of things we use our smartphone, according to a study from the British mobile operator O2.

The study says that the call from smartphones now have moved even further down on the list of what we use our smartphone for. The our site writes. (more…)

Microsoft Surface Can Be Ready in October

Microsoft partner Conference will be held in the next few days, and here were talking about the release of Windows 8.

Microsoft partner Conference is usually not something we mention here on our site.

But since Microsoft yesterday started talking about Windows 8, so our interest began to grow, since the Windows platform, in conjunction with the announcement of Microsoft Surface, has come a little closer to the mobile world.

Microsoft to its partners that could, among other things, counter hardware manufacturers, tell that Windows 8 is expected to be released to all partners in October this year.

It also means that we have a better idea of when Microsoft Surface coming onto the market, as Microsoft with the launch of Surface to Surface, said RT would come on the market about the same time as Windows 8.