2014 Cocktail Dresses

Already approaching the holidays. And as it is a time of celebration and fun, we want to care for the look that will look at events or parties. And the big question arises what may be starting to look perfect? It’s simple, no doubt any about which style show, you should bet on a traditional one that you’ll always hit, cocktail dress.

It is between glamour and sophistication of the party long dresses and the self-assurance and the jovilidad of very short dresses, cocktail dresses. These dresses are super stylish and elegant outfits that make highlight the figure of all the girls that lead it implementation. If you still don’t know which is which most favors you, I immediately give tips as choose the ideal dress for these events. Surely you be right.


The cocktail dress, characterized by wear a skirt up to knee height, however it may be a few centimetres more below the knee or above. These dresses are ideal for an event or a special party, or also for a very important meeting. Currently there are thousands of designs and models, but not all are well. Therefore, you have to find the dress that you can feel safe and comfortable at the same time. Remember that there is a dress for every woman.

If you want to disguise your hips, you have to choose the dresses skirted tables or flight. If you perhaps have much breast, you have to look at Court strapless cocktail dress, and if you want to hide the chubby arms, you have to choose by sleeves French style or bat. That Yes, I recommend that you try to choose by dresses simple, without extravagance or not very ornate. If you wish to add a more striking or brilliant Nick, have to do with supplements, and always remember to add your personal style.


If you want to match with the color, you have to choose by the flattering black cocktail dress. A classic, sophisticated and very flattering, dress is also help to stylize the body and above all combines with all colors.

If you want to wear something original and modern, can bet on other colors, as for example with ringtones Bordeaux, Klein Blue, green, pastel or powdered colors. And in the event that you wish for something more daring for parties or events you are, go with the silver and gold. Then I leave you more images of dresses cocktail that are fashionable for the year 2014.

Now, according to insurancejust,  I think that you already have clear which will be your perfect cocktail dress. Wearing a cocktail dress and you’ll be the most elegant and beautiful girl at parties approaching already. And don’t miss the tips for using a white cocktail dress.

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