1950s Fashion with Jeans

Jeans and overalls as they were called, hinder large in the 1950s Teens them have never wear school or to appropriate social outings, but they often wore their lounge around the house. As the decade door, Hollywood stars wore jeans in the movies, and they became popular outside of the house. Young people wore coiled to reach the height of cool.

Oversized dress shirts

Young women wearing oversized men’s shirts with vintage jeans. They flattened their jeans which is described on internetsailors halfway up their calves and wore white socks with bobby and saddle shoes or canvas Keds sneakers.They borrowed the white shirts of their brothers or fathers and they left casually untucked over their jeans. As the style developed and girls wore jeans outside the house later in the decade, they unbuttoned low key and tied the shirt tail in a knot at their size.


Girls and women fell hard for them colored cashmere sweaters in the 50s they wore loose pullover long on their jeans around the house or for very casual outings. They wore cardigan sweaters over feminine blouses with Peter Pan collars round that had returned to their jeans rolled up. These jerseys were often beautiful pastel shades and came to the waist or hips. Teenage girls also wore cardigans tied loosely over their shoulders and around the neck with shirts and jeans.

Sleeveless shirts

In the second half of the 50s, when it was more acceptable for young people to wear jeans and more relaxed styles outside of the house, young women rolled up their wrists and wearing with sleeveless shirts for picnics and occasional outings. Reasons such as peas and especially Vichy were connected and girls wore sleeveless shirts or halter tops that tied around the neck with their jeans and delicate ballerinas.

The guy Fashions

Young men took a cue stars like Marlon Brando and James Dean and rolled up the cuffs of their jeans in the new style, cool. They sometimes pegged their wrists bending them before combining them to make them waterproof. The guys wore jeans rolled with white socks and loafers or Converse tennis shoes. With this style, they wore T-shirts and jackets or sweaters varsity letterman. Young men in the greaser style wore their jeans with black boots and black leather jackets.