13 Difficulties That Girls with Small Breasts will Understand

Girls with small breasts can parade of cleavage without looking vulgar and without having to use several tops of Academy to hold the breasts, but their world is not a wonder.

If the size of your bra is too small, we understand you!

Read on 13 issues that you and your “bee stings” can fully identify:

Buying Bras

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If in high school you would buy the smaller number of available bra and it still looked great, we understand you. Your living room probably saw her nipples through shirt as their small breasts don’t meet the whole bra.

The Wait

Until the 18 years you expect your breasts to grow up, but a decade has passed and they remain the same.

Methods Of Growth!

Have you considered bizarre methods of growth for small breasts. The suction method, pills with hormones, estrogen supplements. Have you considered all and even tried some, right?


Have you ever used Bras with a super bowl for your first date and waited not having to take them off and show their real breasts.

Buy Bikinis Is Difficult

Buy bikinis is not very nice, now when you have small breasts you have to take care to buy one that is not too wide to show her nipples point in the pool.

Sung In 15 Years

Once you are in the pool, 15-year-old boys hit on you. The small breasts make you look younger, at least.


Has anyone ever told you your breasts may still grow. But that should only happen when you become pregnant.


“Fix” the breasts in the bra is not just a trick to make the most beautiful cleavage, it’s a lifestyle.

You can’t stop watching the breasts of women.

… And feel a little envious of those with larger breasts.

Buy Lingerie Verges On The Impossible

It is not surprising that lingeries sexy don’t come in size for children.


You’re always in the seamstress adjust your clothes because of her small breasts.”Take a few centimeters of the two sides” is what you always say after buying adress.

You Is Surprised To See Cleavage

It’s always encouraging when the neckline leaves well in a photo.

Photography Tricks

That’s because you’ve already learned how to push your arms in time of picture to enlarge her breasts in the neckline–sorry that pose only lasts few seconds.