12 Suggestions for Sneakers to Blockbuster Looks!

The versatility of the sneakers make them the constant companions in various looks, thanks to the amazing designs that have taken care of the Windows, leaving the sneakerheads freaks. Traditional All Star of Converse are a great example of how a shoe can be stylish without being flashy, opening an extensive range of combinations. Here are some examples of models that yield good looks:

1-Chuck Taylor All Star-CT the HI

With a footprint rocker, texture that enhances and gives a beautiful finish to the leather, with the logo and laces also in black leather, that’s the kind of tennis that rocks with a skinny black pants and a biker-style leather jacket.

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Jump to a simpler model and traditional leather wine Tote, laces in the same color and leather label on the tongue. Great for a look of end of samana with pants khaki chino and a cool t-shirt, add some accessories like some bracelets and a nice watch and you are ready!

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Done in fabric that lets on the plot, giving a nice texture to tennis, this model still relies on the toe and the logo made of leather. Versatile, he accompanies a jeans in any tone or a Twill pants with colorful or neutral. A bi-color Plaid Shirt and a discrete lattice can be the perfect companions for this combo topped by a colorful belt.

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If you’re not afraid of strong themes and prints you like, this All Star has what it takes to win you over. Made of patterned fabric formed a pattern of bones, has an interesting and beautiful visual effect, complemented by the “dirty” rubber parts that give an air of worn footwear. Can be combined with a pair of shorts, t-shirt and a shirt superimposed, but tends to draw much attention, so try to balance with some strong piece on top.

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For those who want something more minimalist, but no less stylish, we have this model that resembles a shoes because it explores two textures and colors of leather, with matching braid. Although accepting various combinations, a look with clear pants can take advantage of this tennis, complement with a light blue shirt with the sleeves folded and you have a good visual to ride.

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6-CT the GUARD

It’s amazing what a simple change of color can do for a tennis! In the model CT3775001 (black) have something between the military and the rocker, in CT3777977 (blue) the climate is more laid back and urban. Both are valued for design and details on heel and tongue, but can please different audiences. When in doubt, use them with dark jeans with effects and washes in the height of the hip/thigh and a basic t-shirt.

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The stylization of the drawing barely notice the skull in the pattern, but this is a pedestrian who wants out of the common place without need. Another model to explore options with flat beige Twill Shorts or jeans it clear. The version in black and gray gives way to completely different combinations.

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The rear zipper pendant can give a feminine touch unwanted for some (take), but the texture of suede and laces in the same tone of the sneakers make this model ideal for classic and discreet looks with jeans and a shirt with trim slim fit. Enjoy the neutral color of shoes and invest in a really cool canvas belt.

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How about something different from the majority of shoes that you see out there? This Chuck Taylor uses two types of totally different leather and geometric cutouts adorned by rivets to create an unusual visual and full of personality. It’s the kind of tennis for use with turn-ups and leave details to shows! With a dark pants and a black shirt slim makes a good combo for ballad, especially if you add a nice watch!

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A All Star American flag is nothing new, but we have to admit that the interpretation of the symbol in this sneaker was overwhelming! Knowing dosing, you can wear it with jeans a little walkthrough, black leather belt and a t-shirt printed with vintage, without being over the top.

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11-CT the KNIT HI

How about a look very light? This Chuck Taylor has details in leather and a shoelace that gain prominence thanks to the wealth of clear and Black canvas. Make a composition with a Twill pants in a tone close to leather, wearing a denim shirt and complement with a hat trilby in light straw to a stylish spring combo.

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The similarity of chambray with jeans can work in a total look jeans or can be “over”, then, to be sure, choose a contrasting pants that can be Brown, Beaver or tile, complement with a white t-shirt and then override a trucker jacket jeans, complementing with a very light and colorful scarf, if you want to wrap the excess parts and neutrality give prominence to the face.

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