12 Incredible Hairstyles for Graduation

If you are already be your prom and do not know how to fix your hair so it is with your style, type face and dress, then you know the best hairstyles graduation this season.

12. Media Cola Soft Caireles

Of all the hairstyles, this is a classic because it favors all kinds of faces, especially the girls with round faces.

11. Coleta Low Side with Knot

If you are a girl conventional fashion but this is one of the hairstyles graduation best fits your style fits very well with various styles of prom dresses, besides being cute and current.

10. Lateral Chongo

Another hairstyles  most commonly used are the side chongos, especially those with relaxed style, which dropped some prisms on the face. They are the perfect combination of youthful and elegant.

Coleta 9. crepe and Nudo

Definitely one of the hairstyles that never go out of fashion are pigtails, high, low, side, etc., while you update the style will always see you  in . This season chosen with crepe or volume and if you have the oval, triangular, or heart face, you can comb it all back, you’ll look very elegant and beautiful.

8. Media Cola Stranded

If you think hairstyles for graduation collected do not favor or just do not like, opt for those Semi collected, for example an average tail with a super original, if you combine with braided makeup perfect will make you look cute and tidy.

7. Lateral Semi collected with Braid Headband

Another semirecogidos very cute and modern hairstyles are those who wear braids are recommended especially for girls with curly hair, and highlighting its natural waves.

6. Loose with Waterfall Braid

We continue with the semi collected styles, now is the turn loose with braid waterfall, ideal for girls who have long silky hair, they can show off their hair and also will be elegant and highly stylized.

5. Gathered High Side

If, however, you love collected and styles elegant, then choose this super elegant and beautiful styling, it is recommended for high and thin girls.

4. Media Cola Rockera

For more rebellious, funny or rock chicks, styles are very creative and avant – garde , like this, I háztelo, if you want to be the center of attention and look sensational.

3. Chongo with Rulos

Is a classic and beautiful, if you are looking for a traditional style, ask to do so in the salon, you’ll look very chic. This option will look perfect in girls with long hair.

2. Coleta Rockera with Rulo Alto

You want to be the center of attention at the party? Then dare and choose one of the hairstyles more rock and glamorous.

1. Chongo Caído with Tufts Cruzados

If you have not convinced any of the hairstyles above, because you want something more sophisticated and elaborate, this is the option for you, as your classic, modern and complex style makes it look very beautiful.

Here are some options you can choose, remember that your hairstyle you should choose according to your personality so that you feel very comfortable. Enlist your dress, shoes,  ready for your graduation and enjoy that special day.