12 Fabulous Hairstyles for Short Hair

We’ve all thought at some time have short hair for its enormous advantages, one of which is the ease with which we comb our hair and adopt a new look. So today we present 12 fabulous styles for short hair.

12. daring Peinado

It has many textures because it is made with many mini desmechadas layers. It’s wild but a good choice of hairstyles for short hair.

11. Peinado with thick layers

Whether straight or curly, is one of the best hairstyles for short hair. Those with hair in thick layers can style it in different ways.

Peinado with discrete layers 10.

This style is easy to comb, either dry or boards to look radiant, it is one of the most elegant hairstyles for short hair.

9. Peinado rocker chic style

It is a variant of the above. It consists of long layers and has large volume from root to tip. It is one of the rebellious hairstyles for short hair is very fashionable.

8. Peinado style “helmet”

It’s very retro and now this is the new trend. Hairstyles for short hair is that goes well with solid colors, ie without any coloring effect as lights or lightning.

7. BOB style Hairstyle

They have brought different celebrities. It has lots of character and is a very elegant. It’s hairstyles for short hair usually tends to look good to all types of faces.

6. Peinado style “Pixie”

It is a style version garçon 50s This type of cut is to bring the very short and close hair. It is one of the most practical hairstyles for short hair.

5. Peinado style carré

It is one of the most versatile hairstyles for short hair because it can be easily adjusted to the needs of each. The length of the carré not follow a rule.

4. Hairstyle punk style

It is one of the hairstyles for short hair can be from the most transgressive and groundbreaking, if you’re very daring, although there are less radical and more discreet, if you prefer to start slower.

3. hairstyle with bangs

If you are looking hairstyles for short hair female this is the choice because you can start using the short hair with bangs, but not the classic forward, but sideways.

2. fraying

It is one of the most fun hairstyles for short hair and a touch of youth to your look. You just leave strands of hair longer than others, resulting asymmetry your court.

1. Peinado style garçon

If you want to look one of the hairstyles for short hair controversial garçon it is the best because it is male-inspired, it is versioned in different styles.


Although many believe that short hair is very monotonous, you can create many hairstyles and take on different styles, choose the best according to your event and personality.