12 Excellent Elegant Hairstyles

If you have a special event or just you look like one of these elegant hairstyles you have excellent options for hairstyles for long hair, updos and other modern hairstyles.

  1. Picked up Casual

One of the most simple and elegant hairstyles that look perfect hang time are collected casual, seems difficult? because it is not only your hair flutters with the help of an iron and then collect the hair naturally.

  1. Gathered with Accessory

Pick up your hair as usual do, just avoid perfect way to create a more attractive effect and garnish with an accessory to give a more glamorous touch, so easy it is wear one of these elegant hairstyles.

  1. Traditional Gathered

If you like elegant hairstyles with bangs this is right for you, you just have to make a line on your hair aside and pick up the hair in the traditional way as if you did an onion, and perfect lucieras.

  1. Braid rolled

As easy as you a side braid and wrap it in the bottom of the head, one of the elegant hairstyles that can look good at a party or for a walk.

  1. Side Coleta

The traditional side ponytail is one of the elegant hairstyles that takes us out of any trouble, you just have to give it a more glamorous touch, roll it to the side you want, let out some hair to make it look more youthful.

  1. Braid Despeinada

Braids are elegant and easy hairstyles do like this, you just have to make a braid on top of the head, waving your hair and do it with a ponytail side, to prevent wing league looks with which you tied your hair rolled the rest of the braid.

  1. Wavy Hair

If you have wavy hair get even party with these stylish hairstyles, only applies mousse from the bottom up to define your waves, shakes his head slightly to give a touch much more carefree and voila, your hair looks.

  1. Lazio with Waves

A perfect combination for elegant hairstyles is to bring the top of the straight hair and wavy points, choose to take the side to a more sensual touch.

  1. Short Hair Waves

If you have short hair do not worry there is also elegant hairstyles to make it look perfect, just undulates the ends of your hair and despeinalo a little to make it look more natural.

  1. Suelto side

If you’re a girl who likes elegant hairstyles but with a touch of simplicity this hairstyle is right for you, you just have to wear your hair aside and decorate it with any accessory.

  1. Volume Lazio with

Less is more in fashion but also in the elegant hairstyles, so you choose to wear my hair down and create some volume at the tips.

  1. Long Curly

Curls are synonymous with elegant hairstyles, if you have long hair and make cute curls advantage, besides seeing very smart, you’ll look youthful.

These are fabulous hairstyles for a party or important event, hairstyles for all hair types that will make you look sensational.