11 Bit Studios Offers Four Android Games for The Price You Want in a Humble Bundle Weekly

The Humble Bundle formula is more known than many readers, which could be summarized in a treatment unique users and a price like any other policy. Between their offer occasional, appear without that no one can predict when or which games will come out, and less if you are leaving on Android, have left space for other offers.

In particular are the Humble Weekly Bundle, which are offerings such as the Humble Bundle, although reduced to one week, but with a constant supply of games at the price that we want. And this time we will be able to enjoy four games that can be played in our terminals Android, all of them by 11 bit Studios.

There are four sets of five with the possibility to download a version for Android, and all they only are obtained if paid more than the average, that Yes, always pay the price we create correct and deciding if takes it the developer, an NGO or the organizers of the offer. Android games are as follows

  • Anomaly Korea
  • Anomaly Warzone Earth: Mobile Campaign
  • Sleepwalker completo Journey
  • Funky Smugglers

It is worth explaining how the games are downloaded: once the payment is made, will have access to a page with all the games without DRM. The games come in inspirational and whenever the game is updated on Google Play, are also updated the packages page. And there is no way to integrate the purchase on Google Play due to the limitations of the Google store. The offer is available only a week, so if you’re interested you should buy it as soon as possible.