10000000, Entertaining Mix of Puzzles and RPG

Puzzle games have not innovated much despite the flood of creativity that are assuming independent developers and the mobile games. Luckily, there is always a game that manages to stand above others, as it is the case of the game 10000000, or Ten Millions, getting to unify in a very original way the puzzles with RPG.

In 10000000 we will be trapped in a Dungeon and to get our freedom, we will have to get a score of ten million points in only once, making points that accumulate in different games are, because only the highest score is taken into account. Luckily, as we advance in the game, we will get more points and we will be stronger.

There are two game screens: at the top is our character, who has a game remaining: more right when more time there, if you left at all, the game ends. We will be meeting two types of obstacles: enemies and doors and treasure, each one it will have to overcome with different actions.

Now is the time the lower screen is important, then as if it were a puzzle, we will have uni tab in vertical or horizontal lines of three or more cards. When we unite three of the same type, action, will be as attack with magic or a weapon to the enemies, steal monsters or use a key for doors and treasures such as main actions.

We can also get shields that prevent enemies take away time attacking us and getting stone and wood to build and improve our base. Between departure and we will be in our base, where we can improve our weapon, our magic, shield and armor with the money that we get and the experience we can train ourselves to get skills that make us easier to move forward in the Dungeon.

Although long games becomes repetitive can give us for dozens of hours of gameplay. For a price of 1.99€ It is a purchase that is going to leave entertained for a long time, in addition to its innovative style will get like a lot of people.

10000000 version 1.2.47

  • Version of Android: Since 2.1
  • Developer: EightyEight Games
  • Download it in: Google Play
  • Price: 1.99
  • Category: Games