10 x Cashmere Sweaters

To autumn is almost upon us again may be a sad insight but a positive aspect with this seasonal change is to the wardrobe softest sweaters will up for use. Cashmere sweater is really the cornerstone of the male wardrobe, a garment that is as useful to the Blazer which directly against the skin on a chilly winter morning.

What makes cashmere so wonderful is, above all, the long fibers. These not only provide a very soft touch to the skin but also a very good breathability. It allows a cashmere sweater can be relatively cool during late summer nights then feel warm on a cold winter day.

In the model the way fits the material excellent for tunnstickat as well as larger cable stitching or cardigans defined on threergroup. However, we recommend that you test a model that has the ability to be worn directly against the skin there cashmere great surface really comes into its own.

When it is time to wash, there are many who worry about this sensitive material. This concern is according to us clearly excessive when cashmere sweaters is excellent to wash in Handwashing program on the washing machine. However, for everything in the world dryer and drying Cabinet at risk get the garment to shrink.

We have selected 10 Favorites from this fall’s offerings in different price ranges.

Polo Ralph Lauren

Polo Ralph Lauren classic cable cashmere sweater. Our favorite is the color series “Heather” with saturated shades.

Tom Ford

Heavy duty ribbed cashmere sweater from Tom Ford.

Brunello Cucinelli

Luxurious cashmere sweater with zip from Brunello Cucinelli.

Loro Piana

Loro Piana baby cashmere cable knit from.

Von Braun

Braun-Hamburg’s own line Von Braun offers a range of fine cashmere sweaters.


Japanese budget chain Uniqlo is known for offering some of the world’s most affordable cashmere sweaters.


Wine red cable knit cashmere sweater from Italian Isaia.


Classic v-neck cashmere sweater from Italian Fedeli.

Johnstons of Elgin

Purple cashmere sweater from johnstons of Elgin in Scotland.

Gran Sasso

A thin cashmere sweater works great even in late summer. This from the Gran Sasso in dark blue.