10 Trends And Tips For Finding The Perfect Necklace

In tune with fashion trends, the jewelry of 2016 is still distinguished by its uncompromising design. The designers offer us completely new trends, strict classic and retro dreamed, bright sporty style and sweet and romantic decorations.

The first significant difference, compared to the previous season in fashion jewelry design for women of 2016, is marked by weight and visual rudeness. So the times of the elegant chains passed as described in decorative accessory. There are angular shapes, large sizes and unusual combinations of materials in fashion.

  1. Do not rush to hide your shiny and massive jewelry that was fashionable last summer. Many fashion houses also kept these accessories. You should also pay attention to the combination of rubber and plastic, rare stones and metal elements.
  2. The designers returned the bead collars to their position. Bead necklaces can be short or long with large and small items. The most important thing is that jewelry should consist of two strips or rows of beads.
  3. The popularity of chokersor short collars around the neck remains valid after samples in New York and London, Paris and Milan, thus forming one of the most consistent tendencies of the spring of 2016. These are elegant pieces and Beautiful made in different styles with or without decorations, allow to decorate any outfit, even being the simplest or minimalist, becoming objects of special attention.
  4. In this season, the podiums are full of unusual necklaces, large size and different shapes.Modern designers have displayed massive retro necklaces, minimalist necklaces, colorful jewelry, decorated with feathers and stones. A distinctive feature of all these accessories is that they are all imbued with an ethnic character.

If you choose to wear long necklaces, then stick to the minimum of jewelry and accessories in your image. It does not matter if it is a night or casual attire, it should be simple. Let your necklace or choker be the center of your entire image. And if you want your necklace to be noticed, you need to wear wide or V-neck; Also try to avoid asymmetrical necks.

There are always exceptions to the rules. One of the best combinations of the season, is the union of different adornments around the neck, like necklace+choker, or choker+chain with long pendant, etc.

The fashion show of Valentino was presented bronze necklaces with pendants in the style of the wild tribes. Chanel gold necklace , made of metal and pearls, covering the entire height of the neck. Lanvin prefers necklaces in the form of belts with buckles, flowers and bows. Christian Dior probably created the most romantic interpretation of a choker: thin metal chokers, decorated with colored stones, combined with a scarf stuck to the neck.

  1. Crystals, pearls, large stones and beads, all are still fashionable. An interesting solution would be a pendant with crystal without treatment, said jewelry adds a mysterious note to your image.
  2. Fashion designers popularized large stones with a marked luster and cleverly use different skins and plastic elements as separate pieces in jewelry decoration.
  3. Long pendants also have their place; Are very diverse. It could be a brush, Coulomb, a stone in a long thin chain. The base of a pendant or pendant is usually a thin ribbon. The pendants highlight your silhouette and make your neck look thinner.
  4. A very seductive choice for fragile and thin collars would be unusual shapes of pendants, keys, large beads, padlocks. They will immediately attract everyone’s attention.
  5. The marine theme is more relevant than ever in the upcoming season. Several necklaces made of sea shells, pearls, iridescent crystals will shape the fashion and give the image a little romantic softness.

You can also read about the opposite style of the marine theme in Stephen Webster’s spring collection in my previous publication: Black Gold

  1. Floral, fruit and wildlife details in jewelry elegantly adorns modern necklaces.Designer Anna Sui has fallen deeply in love with the colors of the rainbow. She has developed many accessories for hairstyles, flower garlands covering model bodies and lovely flowery necklaces.

On the other hand, among the popular materials of the necklaces are leather, wood, plastic and metal. For the decoration you can use crystals, stones, colored glass and skin. And among the novelties of the jewelry is the unusual necktie type necklace.

We hope you can find the perfect necklace for this spring.

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