10 Tips for Rustic Decor

If these interiors of your home and you are thinking of a rustic decoration give you some tips that will be useful if you opt for this decoration.

10 floors and roof

In the rustic floors are of sum importance opts for usa finished wood or imitation stone floors, roofing there is nothing better than wood.

9 walls

No doubt the walls are an important part of the decor rustic, opts to choose just type bricks, rocks or smooth walls in neutral, beige, yellow and white colors.

8 lighting

Rustic decoration light has that is the more natural as possible since it is create an atmosphere, a swallow light or a dome can be good options.

7. decorative items

Rustic decoration combine well the objects made with items such as sticks, branches, pottery, wood coat racks, garden plants and pictures with pastoral scenes.

6 wooden furniture

Without a doubt are the protagonists of the decoration rustica, or use wood and brown colors for rooms and dining rooms, you can combine them with light colors and other materials such as metal or marble.

5 fabrics

The fabric that you should choose for decoration rustic may be wool, linen, cotton, smooth warm colors or patterned, with them you can create curtains, cushions and tablecloths.

4 rooms

Rustic decoration can be a good choice for creating an environment more intimate, the wooden beds with canopy, a rocking chair, wood to create room furniture.

3 kitchen

Decorate the kitchen can be very simple, if you follow these steps for rustic decoration, use washed stone, brick and marble for the decoration, a wood-burning oven and a stone wall.

2 bathroom

White and wood are fundamental in the decor rustic, used washing of stone, a tub and decorative items to liven up.

1 room

Without a doubt one of the places most important to apply the decoration rustic is the room, to decorate the room, opt for stone walls, warm colors and furniture of wood with a very country touch, don’t forget to put a fireplace.

The rustic style is a form of very elegant decor that will give your home a unique and very nice decoration in sight.