10 Tips For Bad Hair Days

The wish list for 2017 , Mrs Sabienes has requested 10 tips for Bad Hair Days . I love to fulfill the desire, for Bad Hair Days can make one a whole bad day at lightning speed, or?

10 (not always completely serious) tips to prevent bad hair days

  1. Long hair: Bloggerdutt. None is more beautiful than LoveT., look at their contribution 3 simple hairstyles for long hair.
  2. With shoulder-length straight hair: Twice as much to take setting lotion before blow-drying than usual. Lot helps a lot. If the excess is the problem, use a Tiefenreinigungsshampoo. Sometimes helps simply the occasional exchange of shampoo. Each shampoo and styling product leaves a residue on the hair and complained it thus. When changing the product, the hair are at once again quietschesauber. For me, just the Scalf care of physio gel makes this Quietschesauber effect for sensitive scalp. With Beate , you find an article about hair care.
  3. If you have curly hair: Is your Frizz! All smooth hairy men bursting with envy on your curls! So I certainly… You can find the most beautiful curls at Tina.
  4. If you have short hair: Also if you otherwise use a setting lotion or hair dryer and pull the hair with a styling product in the form of attack to setting lotion and hair dryer. My emergency weapon is the beach Mermaid Schwarzkopf got 2B then. The texturierende salt spray makes easy to grip the hair. Not incidentally, red lipstick distracts from the hair…
  5. Only the approach or pony is not: try dry shampoo. You can find a test at Moppi.
  6. In the fall, winter, and cold spring: Cap on the head! Then you look at least out there well. Inside, you can then save the problem by zerzauseln.
  7. In the summer:, à la Grace Kelly drape cloth around the head. Can Claudia.
  8. If it is not just a bad hair day , but also a bad face day, have Bärbel and I ever pictures posted with Hoodie and Beanie. Otherwise even sunglasses with cloth helps Bärbel.
  9. Mean nastier tip, but seriously: just more often go to the hairdresser. Costs time and money, I know. But if you know that your short hair no longer sit after 5 weeks, the next appointment can take directly when you pay. Then you hear for example immediately that your stylist is then on vacation and can plan for that. Short hair need a new cut all 5-6 weeks. I give it me every 5 weeks. If times are 6 thereof, I know in advance, that I’ll suffer a week. Either is too short the first or last too long. Shoulder-length hair need a cut of the tips every 2 months, if they are to fall nicely. If you have long hair to a length that get and even grow no split ends, you can access requirements to the scissors. So make that Beate and LoveT . That takes a pair of kitchen scissors, the other a professional hair scissors. I recommend the professional version of the tool. My perfect scissors for this purpose is of the early of 1990s and has cut many hair. Meanwhile, it is in the private box of pet grooming in use for Paul’s paws. Hair scissors make dull as only paper. Therefore, hair cutting scissors have a special cut and material.
  10. Friends get a hairstyle that suits your hair and your lifestyle.

What is your ultimate tip, if it doesn’t look as planned on the head?