10 Tips for an Unforgettable Pajama Party

She is among the favorite parties of the children and surely every father and mother one day receives a request or an invitation to a party of pajamas. Considered a very fun alternative to celebrate important dates, or even gather the class, it is a type of event geared towards more intimate people. But how to organize a party like that? Need decoration? What time? Check below the tips of the professional party dancer Daniele Milarski, owner of the Vimia Mimos Artesanais.


There are those who want to invite up to 15 friends, but it’s best to narrow down the list a little.”Children get too excited, and what was supposed to be a hot night turns out to be stressful for the parents and the kids themselves. Five to six guests are what I usually suggest,”says Daniele.


To participate in the party, the child needs to be accustomed to sleeping outside the home. That is why the ideal is to start from the age of five.”The child who never sleeps outside can wake up scared, cry in the middle of the night, wake the other children who can cry too. Parents need to pay attention to the habits of the guests,”adds Daniele.


The ideal time to prepare a party with all the details is one month. If the party has many details, consider planning two months in advance.

Party Checklist

First of all set the date and make the list of guests. Then set the souvenirs. Provide mattresses / bedding (you can also ask for guests to bring their own).


In whatsapp times, why not? The pajama party can be informal until it’s time to invite. But invitations printed or emailed are not discarded, if you want to caprichar a little more. The invitation must be made at least 15 days in advance. However with 20 days it is already possible to warn friends to schedule the appointment. A save the date .


The pajama party does not need another theme, but nothing prevents you from creating something on top, such as little owls, camping or whatever the creativity commands.


The menu is an important part. In the evening, serve a delicious snack with roasted salads, cheese breads, minisanduíches. Older kids and pre-teens love a pizza. A spaghetti is also always a success among children. A cupcake and decorated cookies are a great order. In the morning, cookie, fruit, yogurt, milk.”If it’s birthday, I’d like to congratulate you in the morning. You can have brigadeiro and other sweets.”


Set a schedule to keep the kids busy. Children full of energy and without directed activity catch fire! Mime games, jigsaw puzzles, theater, cinema, jewelry workshop, lego, storytelling, playing with shadows on the wall, dancing chairs, video games. Movies are also good options.

Guest bag

When you send your kids to a pajama party, worry about not giving your friend’s parents more work. Wash them at home and send pajamas, slippers, toothbrush, hairbrush and pillow. If the child sleeps with a”smell,” do not forget to send.


The atmosphere of the pajama party needs to be cozy. Light strings, paper flags and silk pompoms make a beautiful and simple combination to provide. If children go to sleep on the floor, fabrics can be used to improvise cabins. Children themselves can participate in this creative process.

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