10 Pin Up Hairstyles

Retro details have always been in fashion, this time the Pin up style returns with great force. If you love  simple hairstyles but very sophisticated and elegant, then you will love these amazing styles.

10. Lateral Coleta with Fringing Rulo

This type of hair pin up are very simple to make and look very feminine and retro, first split your hair into four sections, a front for lateral loop, two side (as if you were to do a half tail) and the last part , which should be the thickest, it is for the queue, attach them, and finally curl the ends.

9. Coleta Rulo with Fringing Alto

Another hair pin up ponytail, this style is also very easy to perform, like the previous you split your hair into 4 parts, only this time, the front is different, you should be centered the curler and more high you can achieve this effect with a tube for hair and fix it rather reminds spray.

8. waves with Bangs

If there are pin up hairstyles extremely simple and doc are the leading waves or curls, most importantly for this look is definitely bangs as this, gives you the retro style of the 40s.

7. Chongo with Lateral Rulo

If you’re a fan of chongos or pin up updos, this is the ideal choice for you, only you from the natural line of your hair up to the arch of the eyebrow, finally roll it laterally and secure it with spray and pins.

6. Soft waves with Fringing Rulo Low

This is one of the hair pin up easier to do if you already have naturally your wavy hair, you just take the front or the fringe, roll it up and secure it with pins and spray, and if you are lank make sure that when you make waves with pliers, remain very soft.

5. Chongo with Bangs

One of the most beautiful and feminine pin up hair, this style is not as complicated as it seems, first grab some waves in your hair, then lift your hair with pins, you yourself go into the shape and finally Alacia a little bangs, fixed with some hairspray and ready.

4. Picked up with Laterales Rulos

There are different pin up hairstyles that are not very easy to make, but likewise look fabulous and extremely glamorous, to achieve the best style attends a professional, or a beauty salon.

3. Media Cola with Fringing and Diadema

Another hairstyles pin more sophisticated and cute up, is very similar to others we have seen, only here we divide into 3 parts only, as the fringe is not going as curler but it must abultarlo with pliers or pipe, curl also all the hair tips to position yourself and end a headband with a small bow.

2. Media Cola with Bangs and Flower

If there are accessories for hair pin up, worthy of the age of 40, they are flowers and bandanas, so when you make this style do not forget to put yourself in the hair just above the ear a cute brooch rose.

1. Loose with Bandana

As we saw, there are fundamental accessories hair pin up, and certainly the most important is the bandana, a scarf that atas laterally as a headband, but leaving the bow that is made to tie it up, you can take it with hair loose and collected in semi wavy ponytail or bun.


A fashion that accommodates all of us is precisely this Pin-up, dare and try some of the hairstyles from the list, we are sure you really beautiful.