10 Jackets For Spring 2016

We are in the month of March and it is high time to review the need for vårkavajer for the season. We’ve plumbed the offerings from several of the best Swedish online retailers and picked out our favorites for spring. It is wool, linen, and cotton in a variety of colors, patterns and textures.

Perhaps it might be appropriate to look at what categorizes a spring or fit Blazer.

Overall, the open season for a brighter color palette of sand-colored jackets utöve the classic tones of blue, gray and Brown. Check wholesale spring jackets at http://www.nonprofitdictionary.com/jackets/spring-jackets-for-men/.

Materials wise, many believe that wool is best suited for the fall but the fact is that it is also an excellent fiber for this year’s hottest months. Select a quality in a slightly lighter version or with a thinly woven structure that breathes better.

In addition to wool is the most classic material linen and cotton and silk.Linen is superb and the coolest choice but has a tendency to wrinkle sharply making it better in the available contexts. Cotton is contrary to what many believe is a fairly compact material and really not very cool.However, there are few things that are more comfortable than a well-applied cotton costume that exudes casual elegance better than any other summer garments.

Last but not least is silk which is usually combined with either linen or wool. The silk adds luster and clout to a garment but is in itself relatively sensitive (and not least expensive) which causes it to fare best with another fiber.

We have selected 10 favoritkavaj for the spring in different price ranges.

Oscar Jacobson

Oscar Jacobson’s model Einar in a beautiful plaid fabric from the Italian weaving mill Ferla.


Sandy-coloured jacket in cotton and linen blend. Perfect to off-white trousers during summer.


Brown Blazer with selected överruta from Caruso.


Bright colored Blazer with interesting patterns from Dutch Oger. (even the top picture)


Olive green jacket in cotton from Italian Boglioli.

Orazio Luciano

Neapolitan perfection from Orazio Luciano in a light pepitamönstrad jackets in linen and silk blend.

Department at Indian

Dark blue jacket of the model 100% linen from Havana in Angelico.

Sartoria Formosa

Burgundy jacket in linen from Sartoria Formosa.

Isaia Napoli

Windowpane-Plaid Blazer from Isaia Napoli in combination wool/silk/linen.

Cesare Attolini

Absolute luxury from Cesare Attolini into a fit Blazer in cashmere and silk.