10 Ideas for Outer Space

Let’s hit play this weekend? Today I decided to go back to talking about a specific theme and so here are 10 ideas for outer space!

1. Rocket Roll Of Toilet Paper

My first suggestion is to play to make home your own rocket. In the post how to make a rocket with a roll of toilet paper, Carol and I showed our.

2. Straw Rocket

Another option are the rockets of straw that made Patcamargo with the children and then told here on the blog in the post Straw and paper rocket is a simple and homemade toy that fits in purse.

3. Starry Curtain

Another idea that Patcamargo put in practice with the kids and I think Barbara is the starry curtain.

4. Astronaut Dolls

I found wonderful this idea of Leftbraincraftbrain.com to dress the dolls with clothes of astronauts made of tinfoil. Very good to stimulate the imagination. I’m thinking of doing with Gabi.

5. Space Vehicle

In the Rainydaymum.co.uk site, I found the post that teaches How to make a spacecraft. Together with the dummy dressed as an astronaut and is the child’s imagination.

6. Constellation Projector

The principle of this idea is the same starry curtain of Patcamargo. You use cardboard to make the constellations and then casts with the flashlight from Necessaryhome. In theoriginal post of the our site you find even the pdf to download and print the constellations.

7. Sensory Box Of Planets And Stars

A sandy bottom and some elements like planets (small spheres) and stars transforms a common box in a mini cosmos for the exploitation of children. idea of Artsymomma.com which you can see here.

8. Lunar Sand

Speaking of sensory box, how about making home a lunar sand? Step-by-step instructions of how to do’s in this post from Littlebinsforlittlehands.com.

9. Paint The Sky

Finally, an art activity: paint the sky. The ideal is to engage children in the beginning of the process to see how they do it. In the case ofMunchkinsandmoms.com post, they mixed gold glitter on black paint to create a starry sky effect. And you? What would you do?

10. Night Made With Wet Chalk

Carol and I already did our representation of the space with a wet chalk drawing on black paper.

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