10 Hairstyles for Curly Hair

Having curly hair is often a challenge for some women to comb because it is a mess and it is why many choose to alaciarlo. So today we present a guide to how this type of hair comb.

10. Curly hair layered

Not many women dare to show off his curly hair in layers, but those that do can stylize it in different ways achieving a unique effect. You can also use some styling cream curls and you’ll look with a fresh and beautiful hair.

9. Short Curly Hair

Short curly hair lends itself to various forms of stylize depending on volume and texture you have. It is very easy to comb because it only just that you add a little hair mousse.

8. Long curly hair

Long curly hair tends to look pretty if you know how I comb it, you can give a more pronounced touch if you use dryer.

7. chic African Style

The afro is one of the classic hairstyles for curly hair although many times it can be chaotic get the desired effect, however it is easy to achieve with the use of dryer and some mousse.

6. curly hair with bangs

This is one of the most feminine hairstyles for curly hair and the bangs adds a special and different touch. It is recommended to straighten the bangs.

5. updo style

The updo is the hairstyles for curly hair can achieve a different effect and also looks very elegant. Just use your fingers to pick your hair and hold it with a rubber band.

4. carefree style

It is a trend hairstyles for curly hair is having a great impact, since many women who have curly hair looking to give it a more casual but chic.

3. Style Bob

Bob is quite recurrent among celebrities, achieves a very elegant touch with curly hair is no exception. Definitely a favorite hairstyles for curly hair.

2. Curly hair braiding

Braids are definitely a very good choice of hairstyles for curly hair because it looks totally different from the braids in people with straight hair.

1. Rockabilly style curly hair

The rockabilly style reminiscent of the 40’s and is typical exalt curls, which makes it one of the hairstyles for curly hair more perfect.

Curly hair looks really cute if you know how to style it properly, which is why here we share different ways to comb that will make you look wonderful.