10 Best Side Hairstyles

A good hairstyle will highlight more the shine and texture of your hair, just as when using accessories. That’s why using one of these hairstyles aside, it will create a different but very chic look, so do not hesitate to try the one you like.

10. Loose Hair

With this style your hair will always look elegant, it looks pretty good both with curly, wavy or straight hair, it is also very easy to do. Switch sides from time to time and see that looks different and beautiful.

9. Double French Braid

It requires a little more time than the previous one but the result is really worth, is a way to use the tresses of a slightly more elegant way. All you have to do is to leave your hair in half horizontally or inclined form, do first half and a second later.

8. fleco

This hairstyle is very attractive, usually the faces are not skewed so use the fringe side is a way to give another touch to your style and change out is a way to show different, if you use it to change it right left and vice versa. It really notice the difference with this simple change.

7. Crepe with Braid

You’ll love only you need to create a very high crepe on top to have a lot of volume; We carry hair to the side you want, tied and begins to form the braid, the sure and give volume carefully, we pulling gores.

6. Coleta with Double Knot

For this style is better first hair waving as this is the best mark hairstyle. On the side we want to carry the hair and literally split in two and make a knot, we repeat it clicks to double and finally ensure a pin.

5. Braid Headband

It is very easy to make this hairstyle. On one side you begin to form the braid, it may be two or three slices when done take it to the other side of your head and hold all your hair in a ponytail. There needs to be a little hair medium or long braid to cover the entire head.

4. Horsetail

When we are short of time to make us a hairstyle, as safe and presentable is to make a ponytail side is slightly loose. All you have to do is tie your hair with a rubber band and take it to the side you prefer, take a piece of hair, wrap the league and hold it with a pin. Ready!

3. Chongo or Bun

If you have straight hair is advisable to curl a little so that the bun has more volume and body. Use pins to hold it in place and that are similar to your hair color. For a more casual look with the same hairstyle, only it takes the bun to the top of your head.

2. Pin-Up

It is noteworthy that the calendar girls look distinguished by curved fringes at the end and side remained very lacquer or spray. However, a way of not using much fixative is with this simple hairdo. First you have to curl your hair a little, then takes all your opposite hand to the side, bending it at the end but without being so perfect, and voila, you’ll have a beautiful hairstyle pin-up.

1. French Braid

It is noted that worship braids right? is that they are very easy to make, plus you show interest in your hair and hairstyle. A clear example is the latter option, instead of making a braid French three gores just have to make only two and be very cute and different. Try it.

Side hairstyles help balance your face and give an interesting touch, use different styles to see you always cute and different. Remember that no matter the length of your hair, there are many side hairstyles that you can use.