10 Beautiful Hairstyles Celebs

Chongos, braids, ponytails and more are some of the trendy hairstyles that celebrities wear. So today we present the 10 most beautiful hairstyles that have worn the famous. Copy one of these styles and looks great!

10. Chongo with Braids

This is one of the hairstyles of young celebrities who most used red carpets or gala events, as the bun is one of the most elegant and sophisticated hairstyles, but leave loose hair and braiding some areas, gives a more informal touch and chic.

9. Semi Stranded Superior and Smooth Down

Remember those braids that you did on the beach, everyone’s favorite cheerleader, Hayden Panettiere, I adapt and made a lighter top braided hair and the rest leave it smooth and loose.

8. Rosón or Moño

This is one of the most exotic and ingenious hairstyles famous, Queen of eccentricity, Lady Gaga, was inspired by the most famous Japanese cat in the world, if you have the opportunity to go to a good stylist, ask her to make you this funny and great styling.

7. Media Cola with Bump

It is one of the most famous hairstyles used because it is simple, casual but looks very glam, if you have a dinner or outing with friends, copy the style of Hilary Duff and you’ll look sensational.

6. French Braids with Chongo

Another famous hairstyles that became fashionable one time was this, and it is not difficult to do and yet looks laborious and very formal, ideal for a meeting or job interview.

5. Lateral Chongo

Being so young, celebrities like Natalie Portman, looking to be in the elegant but informal and especially fashionable red carpet, so one of the hairstyles most common young famous are those that look like they were fallen, semi facts or with some hair loose.

4. Side Braid

This in addition to being one of the hairstyles of famous hippest, is one of the best hairstyles with braids, as it is very simple, but being side and a little casual, looks very chic and relaxed, ideal for an outing with friends or to the movies.

3. Chongo with Moño

As we have seen, the chignon style or Rosón is fun and versatile, so you can ask to do so as to Paris, with a high chignon, one of the best hairstyles famous with which you will see very nice, original and Elegant.

2. Stylish Horsetail

It seems a hairstyle very elaborate, yet is only a ponytail with a very elegant and sophisticated style, Nicole Richie if you knew how to give it a twist to a simple tail and made him one of the most beautiful hairstyles famous.

1. Trenzita French Side

Despite it being one of the hairstyles simple, was famous and remains one of the most popular trendy hairstyles, since the pretty girl of reality shows, Lauren Conrad, use it, a hit is returned, several girls and celebrities copied it and adopted his style.


There is no doubt that some of these styles can serve you to look spectacular in some dinner, lunch or party. not hesitate to try one of these hairstyles.