10 Advantages of Using LED Bulbs

1) Efficiency-the LED light bulbs emit more light, using much less energy (watt) and may replace halogen or dichroic and even the economic, fluorescent lamps also. For example: you can replace a compact fluorescent lamp 15w a bulb only 7w LED, without losing the lighting efficiency.

LED Bulbs

2) Durability–the life of a LED lamp can reach up to 50,000 hours, moreover, suffers little change in brightness over use. If connected over 8 hours a day can last up to 17 years.

3) Resistance-unlike other lamps using metal filaments, discharge of gases, ultraviolet radiation and glass on the LED lamp technology used allows a more robust lamp resistant to impact, vibration, temperature variations.

4) Do not emit heat-how do not have the amount of infrared heat emitted is minimal, which avoids heating of environments, with that decreases the use of air conditioning, generating energy savings.

5) Do not emit infrared and ultraviolet rays–all other lamps (dicroícas, halogen, sodium vapour, metallic mercury vapor steam, sunlight) emit radiation to a greater or lesser extent, in the market today, only the LED lamps do not emit, which avoids damage to skin, products on display as clothing, footwear, furniture, art and decorative objects.

6) Disposal Facility–as do not have glass, metallic filaments, mercury or other toxins in your composition does not require special treatments in the manufacturing and disposal. Aluminum and steel used in your structure can be recycled.

7) Low voltage–can be used in humid environments or in the water (such as swimming pools and saunas) without risk of shock. Does not present risk of burns on contact and can be installed on a small height, as the underpinning, for example.

8) Bright colours and saturated-as the LED light bulbs emit monochromatic wavelength (light emission in the correct color) and the coloured lights are brighter and saturated. Exempt the use of light filters.Used properly you can obtain a varied spectrum of colors, with different shades, including white.

9) Instant activation–unlike other bulbs ranging lighting gradually LED light activation switch immediately.

10) Intensity control-you can control the intensity of luminous flux of 0 to 100% (dimerization).

LED Table Lamp