07 Important Tips For Mountain Bike

Every day that passes the mode of cycling Mountain Bike has been gaining more followers and this happens due to the charm that this modality provides to allow the direct contact with the nature by the cyclist as well as some positive peculiarities that Mountain Bike presents when compared to other types Of sports related to cycling.

If you also have this desire to be part of this modality, but you have a certain fear of not knowing much about Mountain Bike as described in sports vehicles, here are some tips that may help you to clarify some points in this mode and the reasons they do Of this modality a target so much sought by the practitioners of the cycling in the actuality.

Important Mountain Bike Tips 

Tip # 1 – Advantages In Relation To Urban Cycling

One of the main points that makes Mountain Bike very popular among people is its differential of putting its practitioners in contact with nature.

Amid cities full of pollution of the most diverse types, no doubt people are looking every day that passes a way to escape this degrading routine and that way the practice of Mountain Bike comes in handy in these cases. This is because it only benefits those who practice this modality as the relief of stress, the possibility of breathing clean air, not to mention the feeling of lightness and freedom that one has when pedaling the Mountain Bike trails.

Mountain Bike also ends up widening the world view regarding the environment in which we live and this makes the consciousness and respect for nature become even more expansive in the life of those who practice this mode.

Tip # 2 – Fitness

Because this modality presents a greater requirement regarding fitness, it is important that you keep an eye on this detail.

This requirement is mainly due to the route taken by the rider where he ends up presenting himself in an irregular manner, with several steep climbs and descents, not to mention that you encounter several obstacles in the middle of the track .

However, to practice mountain biking does not require more specific training, but it is of fundamental importance that you respect your limits and therefore try to make simpler trails with fewer obstacles. If possible, try to warm up your muscles before starting to pedal, and the most important thing is to bring in your mind that MTB is above all a practice that requires patience and also self-knowledge.

Tip # 3 – Bike Model 

Before you even begin to practice mountain biking you need to make the right choice of your bike. If you want to venture into more radical trails you certainly can not opt for the simpler models because they will not be able to withstand the requirement presented by the route.

The bikes that are used in Mountain Bike have essential specifications, that is, they have a more reinforced finish that is designed to withstand the big impacts and also present gears to smooth the pedaling during the practice of this modality.

That’s why you should be aware of this detail, because investing in a good equipment is beyond a matter of protection but also a factor that will provide you with greater comfort and quality at the time of pedaling. 

Tip # 4 – Safety Equipment

In all sports you come to practice the safety factor is paramount and in carrying out the Mountain Bike this would not be different. The use of some accessories such as helmets, gloves, glasses, shorts with internal fodder as well as lighter and attention-grabbing clothing are essential and can not be lacking when you practice this mode.

Also, always be aware of climate change so you can take precautions and take a rain cover to prevent it.

A special accessory that you can not help but have are bathing suits, because in the practice of mountain biking it is quite common for you to go through streams and beautiful waterfalls and to stay without giving at least a dip in these places is a huge waste. So always be prepared to enjoy the natural beauty that Mountain Bike has to offer.

Tip # 5 – Walk Alone Or In Group? Which One Is The Best?

Walking both alone and in groups are good and relevant options, but for those who are starting in this modality the pedaling alone can become a great danger, because there is always the risk of some injury or any other serious accident and you being in the Someone else’s company, the support it can provide you with will make all the difference.

Therefore it is recommended for beginner mountain bikers that always walk in groups of an average of 3 people so that you can have a greater safety in case any intercurrence happens during the pedaling.

Tip # 6 – Bike Review

It is very important that the rider make sure that his / her bike is 100% before leaving to do some Mountain Bike trail.

Checking points such as adjusting the seat in relation to its weight, checking the wheels to see if they are properly fixed, checking the gears to analyze their operation as well as checking the tire calibration are essential aspects that the Mountain biker Bike should be aware, because if there is a problem like these on the bike he will have time to do the repair and with this he will not run the risk that any problem will arise during the pedaling.

It is also worth mentioning that a periodic review is always welcome in these cases, because there are some parts on the bike that must be constantly maintained so that they can act correctly and provide a good performance for both the bike and the rider. 

Tip # 7 – Cleaning The Bike

Always try to do a dry cleaning on your bike so as not to damage some parts that are sensitive to it and also to keep the lubrication of your bike. Not to mention that leaving the bike always clean is beyond a hygiene condition also an act necessary so that no external factor will interfere directly in the performance of the parts of your bike.

So if you are wanting to start practicing Mountain Bike stay connected in these tips because they will be fundamental for you to start in this practice with the right foot.