The 7 Best Mobile Apps For You To Organize Your Wedding

The applications mobile is already a hit among all people and the whole world already surrendered to them. And it’s understandable because they really make it easier for people to live, right?

Now try to imagine all the features of these 100% wedding-oriented applications, helping you to organize the whole ceremony and party more easily. Sounds like a dream right? But it’s real! And I’ll show you. Here are seven mobile apps for you to organize your wedding! (more…)

Research Indicates That 6% Stop Using Cars in SP

For 45% Of Paulistanos, Traffic Is The Main Reason For Stress In The City

A telephone survey conducted in the city of São Paulo and released this Thursday (09/10) shows that 6% of Paulistas stopped using private cars over other means of transportation in the last two years. According to the survey of the Institute of Social, Political and Economic Research (Ipespe), made between July 3 and 4 with 600 people, most of these former drivers migrated to the bus system. (more…)

Ciganinha Dresses Short, Long, Looks to Go Out

Who has not heard of this model of ciganinha dresses? This model that brings references of pieces that have already been very successful in the 70’s, is back and now with everything, pleasing women of different tastes and styles.

The model that is also known as shoulder to shoulder, is perfect to be used in those days of summer, and today we will speak a little of the several possibilities that this piece offers. (more…)

Sunglasses Winter

Winter also requires the use of sunglasses, both for solar protection, as for visual production. Summer combines ever brighter frames the winter requires darker colors and frames. Check out the sunglasses trends for winter 2012.

Why Wear Sunglasses In The Winter

Many people find that the sunglasses are indispensable accessories only in summer, but it’s not exactly so. These wonderful pieces in addition to allow a much more beautiful, are very important for protection against the Sun’s rays, which are present also in winter.

The sunglasses protect the eyes of visible light, the action of UVA and UVB and clarities. They even help in protecting the eyes against the wind, dust and other debris that can cause problems.

Sunglasses Winter 2012

  1. Glasses with mirrored lenses: these models have conquered the streets and reflect on fashion runways for several seasons. These glasses are used in the most varied shapes and tones the look of circulating New York, London, Milan and Paris, and are excellent bets for winter from all over the world.
  1. round glasses: the round or with rounded frames were the trend in summer and also in winter remain. The look became the main bet of glasses for winter 2012, would make up a visual treatment.
  2. coloured Frames:the colorful frame models also remain in the winter, but they must be accompanied with more sober and dark looks. The important thing is to use your imagination to combine with the winter clothes.
  3. retro style Sunglasses: these models are still high and are excellent choices for letting the look modern and beautiful. This model cannot lack in the closet this winter.
  4. Butterfly style Glasses: for those who like big glasses is the right time to use and abuse of this template that covers much of the face. These glasses make up a modern and very chic, being a great option for winter.
  5. Glasses of kitten: continue to be timeless, and fall very well in all seasons. The frames with more than one color are also great options.

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Has already been proven that the use of sunglasses is important both in summer and in winter. In addition to compose a visual beautiful, also protect the eyes against the Sun’s rays and other environmental debris brought by the wind. Therefore, choose the template that will suit you best, combine with the look of winter and storm.

Westwing Guide Toblue Table Lamp

To decorate the house, nothing is more cozy than investing in a beautiful indirect light. They are perfect for creating a light, welcoming and receptive atmosphere for your family and for welcoming friends. If you have doubts when buying your lamp, bet on different types of lampshade. You will find shapes, materials and even different colors. To cope with a quiet environment, the blue lamp is the right choice. (more…)

How to Prepare the Engagement Party?

Got engaged? Learn how to organize a charming, simple and delicate engagement party step by step!

The engagement is a moment always surrounded by a lot of emotion for the couple and their families. It is the confirmation of commitment, love and marks the beginning of a new life cycle. In this post, we will talk about everything you need to know about it. Come with us and learn how to turn that date into a magical day! (more…)

Fetal Heart Rate Monitoring during Pregnancy

When I went into labor, I went to motherhood but, once there, no dilation progressed. The doctor referred me to an examination to monitor the baby’s heart rate and see if everything was all right with him. Thanks to this monitoring, we have seen that-Yes, everything was OK and if I wanted to, I could go home and wait for the time of Leo. Trusted doctor, came back and waited, without problems. Happy life. It’s just that I didn’t even know it was exam what I had done.