Decoration of tables it must be adapted to the occasion, season and personal taste, but there are aspects that you should always take into account. So here are some some basic tips to make your table decor and be surprised your guests. 8. less is more When you talk about decoration of […]

Felt Bag

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A bag can be a good gift for our daughters to look very coquettish, also can serve as a lunchbox or backpack to carry supplies. It is a craft simple that allows us to customize the bags used in our daughters. Materials Colored felt Pencil Scissors Glue pipe cleaners plastic gems Pompons Thread Needle

If these interiors of your home and you are thinking of a rustic decoration give you some tips that will be useful if you opt for this decoration. 10 floors and roof In the rustic floors are of sum importance opts for usa finished wood or imitation stone floors, roofing there is […]

This is another simple and good ideas to recycle clothes, because for this craft just need a pair of jeans you no longer use and the procedure is very fast and simple. materials old jeans Thread points Scissors Cintas Cierreo velcro Process Cut the back pocket of jean following their natural shape and […]

Decorate your master bedroom taking into account both practicality and romance. The fourth should be a comfortable place for both, choose an elegant decoration , rustic, among others. 8 limits the ornaments Less is more in the matrimonial bedroom decoration, you can place pictures, small pictures, but avoid excess decorations of porcelain, stuffed […]

Stockings always associated with true femininity. This piece of clothing has undergone many transformations and now we see it at its best – finest fabric resembling pautinku, beautiful gum decorated lace and many variations of finishing. But if you want to fully comply with all laws of seduction, then you […]

Tablet for kids, the best models for all ages to learn and have fun! Children today are very attracted to tablets, because these objects of latest technology offer the opportunity to navigate, watch videos, but also draw and play thanks to applications and fun games! The new tablet for kids are designed for different […]

Each year by finding the perfect swimsuit to show off at the beach is a real dilemma, and the reasons are many, for example the piece above is too large, while the one below is too tight, or vice versa. How many times have you already happened? But do not despair, the solution […]

Choose from shirts to sleep – a simple question because nothing should prevent us safely pass into the realm of Morpheus: tissue should be pleasant for the body seams should not rub. Yes and design is essential. Think of the most popular types of women’s nightshirts.   Silk Nightgowns for […]

The new collection Just Cavalli for spring summer 2013 has just staged at Milan fashion week , presenting an idea of female, rock and very glamorous, replacing the classic black with white achieving new experiments with accessories and combinations with vibrant hues. The Milan fashion week is now in its third day that began in the […]

It is not the kind of leader who wears even to go to the grocery store and I certainly do not choose it when you’re in a hurry and you stick the first thing that happens to you, but, if combined in the right way, a lace skirt can show off also […]

The leggings drama is that the physical wearing it should really be toned and wiry. The leggings, leggings second skin that is cut to the ankle, it envelops and thus stands out every little imperfection, depression and failure. And so, in my opinion, is suitable only to the teen or, for the more […]

The Mediterranean Moray, whose scientific name is Muraena Helena, is a saltwater fish and belongs to the family Muraenidae. The body of the moray eel-like, long and sturdy is. The Moray does not possess the pectoral fin, and has a low dorsal fin. Moray eel skin, smooth and free of flakes, is dark brown, mottled yellow spots and whitish. The […]

Victoria’s Secret presents the new collection of lingerie 2015 designed to celebrate so sexy and cheeky Christmas. A Christmas line that focuses on cult highlighted by a themed color palette where they couldn’t come with neither red nor black. Between body, pajamas and balconette there is an embarrassment of choice. Christmas is a special occasion […]

The most beautiful backpacks for spring 2016: here are those not to be missed! Comfortable, flexible, backpacks are among the trendiest fashion accessories for this spring and summer. The backpack, in fact, once again being an accessory passepartout perfect for all, because sports and casual outfit that fits both to all other […]

Long nails have become a fixture over our look, there are many nail designs that allow us to decorate and show a little of our personality through your hands, in addition to the strong and beautiful nails are a sign of good health, so here are some tips to look impeccable and […]

La Perla fashion label also wanted to give us great emotions in these days of fashion shows of Milan fashion week for next spring-summer 2012. Today we closed the new edition of Milan fashion week, which suggested the trend of warmer weather to come. There are many fashion brands who have thought about our beauty, filling the wardrobe […]

Silver bracelets are women ‘s accessories suitable to wear all the time because they always look good depending on the model and the occasion. That is why it is important to know what fashion options, because depending on the outfit you use, are the accessories that take. 8. Thick Silver Bracelets The  wide bracelet is an excellent choice […]

Are you waiting for your little baby? what happiness! Looks more beautiful with this fashion trendy pick for pregnant. Dresses, blouses and garments that you will be required at this stage. 8. Work To see very professional and radiant in your work, you’re pregnant should not be a problem. This fashionable blouse for pregnant is perfect […]

Let’s face it: after all these days of vacation, the idea of returning to the office, tuck jeans or suit, maybe a pair of high heels or boots is not the first thing that comes to mind in the morning when we would only be able to remain another hour in bed […]

Fashion is now in favor of comfort, if you are a women who loves heels but also wants comfort, then the platform shoes are your thing, as it gives up, slims legs and can wear it with pants, dresses or skirts, you’ll look very fashionable. And here we show some tendency to wear […]

We have grouped our best tips to create a perfect wedding makeup DIY. Follow them and be able to get a perfect look for the most important day of your life! We now know that September is the period most beloved by couples about to get married, and now has become increasingly […]

For any season the necklaces are basic accessory woman, but this time the necklaces “statement” are here to stay, he knows some proposals and add them to your outfit. 15. Vintage Necklace The vintage style is here to stay, and accessories are its best. The vintage necklaces are beautiful, feminine, classic and combinable, give some […]

Goldenpoint will be present on the occasion of AltaRoma AltaModa. Beachwear fashion brand, in fact, will be present on the occasion of an important fashion event, linked to the World Swimming Championships to be held in Rome from July 17 to August 2, 2009. We find out the details.

The first few times we walk with shoes heels we may feel insecure and tired quickly. However, learning to use them is a skill that is acquired with some practice and follow some tips as you are going to present vintage pumps. Start small If at first you try to walk with very tall and […]

Wearable electronics that can do a lot of useful features and a charge will last at least a week now sounds like a decent sci-fi. Pebble Time is not exactly the case.Moreover, they are also relatively inexpensive. Although even in the field of smart watches countless competing models, not deviate […]