These felt brooches are a craft easy and quick to make, with them we can decorate bags or clothing of children, can also give them away or sell them. materials Felt different colors Buttons pins Scissors Pencil Needle Sewing thread Molds of various figures Glue Process First we put the pan on the […]

This type of craft represents fun and entertainment from being made to the final result, you can do with your children and then play with them, it’s a nice way to spend a good time with them. materials Snatches of foami wiggle eyes Colored pipe cleaners, markers, decorate Paper strips Feathers […]

Like the Brazilian, American police use mandates search and seizure to take various everyday objects. But what they do with those assets that are not tangible but that must be seized anyway? More specifically in the case of internet domains. The authorities can not reach the residence of the owner […]

The Amazon warned today that will embrace HTML 5. For now, it will not be possible to read e-books the company sells directly in the browser, but the samples of books present on the site may be quietly savored with the new Amazon Previewer. In addition to HTML 5, the […]

As in previous years, Google released the traditional list of the most searched terms in the search engine during the year. Divided in several countries, the ranking also shows information specifically about Brazil and is well diversified: it has provided quality TV programs to questionable government educational projects. The term […]

If you do not know where to store your favorite makeup or lost your purse, give you ideas for recycling clothes and create your own wallet, you can use you, sell it or give it to a friend doing this simple craft. materials old skirt with zipper, closing etc. Ttijeras Thread Needle Buttons, fabric scraps, […]

This is one of the most creative and fun ideas for recycling clothes, can also take advantage and give away this February 14 to your friends, they are going to love, it is also one of the  crafts with fabric  nicer. materials old jeans Pieces of cloth of different colors and textures […]

If you are the proud mother of a child, then the car is one of the fabric crafts for babies ideal for you, it is also very easy to make and sure your child will love as decoration in your room or clothes. materials  Printed cloth silicone fleece Two plastic or wooden […]

These fabric cubes are one of the crafts for babies that besides being very cute can serve in the bedroom decor of your baby and him as a fun and safe toy. materials Patterned fabrics silicone fleece or cotton stuffing Scissors Sewing machine or needle and thread Pencil Rule Process Draw a […]

In recent years, these areas have become one of the crafts with balloons most used as they serve to decorate for special occasions such as weddings, romantic dinners, etc. Besides you can place them in a bowl of glass and are a nice centerpiece. materials balloons Yarn (other than very thin, can be yarn […]

If you like to recycle materials and make beautiful crafts , with only some shredded newspaper and a little patience, you can create these amazing baskets to give you want and use a little decorating your home. materials Rolled strips of newspaper Glue Plastic paint Brushes Scissors Process   The first step is […]

This lamp is very original and easy to make, will help to illuminate and decorate any room in your home or office or studio and you can also recycle newsprint with this craft . If you like green crafts, no doubt this will be one of your favorites. materials Three round racks, two […]

Containers to accommodate papers, pencils, paper clips and other office supplies, never are unnecessary, are very useful and often costly. That is why we present this craft super economic, ecological and simple so that with sheets of newspaper you no longer use, you can create your own office organizer. materials News paper Cardboard […]

If you are looking to give your home a decorative touch peculiar we recommend these simple crafts to place coins, potpourri, keys, or anything you can think of them. materials 1 meter thick rope (approximately) 1 container (preferably a bowl do not use) Silicone gun and hot silicone Thick hemp yarn type of a color different […]

These round lamps are very striking and beautiful, plus they are a craft very simple to do and you can decorate your house to celebrate a birthday. materials Keg paper color you want white glue Needle Tape Balloon Process Cut the barrel in each color, in long strips. Glue them one by […]

The wall decorations are very useful, especially to decorate nurseries or children ‘s parties, and there are many craft with which you can make your own ornaments and not spend much money. materials A round wooden Acrylic paint Brush Fabric scraps Tape Cuts lyrics Decoupage glue Scissors Process Paint the wood with paint […]

This is one of the crafts with cardboard more creative and decorative of all, it is a bit more complicated to make, but with practice and imagination can create something amazing. materials Cardboard tubes Scissors Glue stick Painting Water Brushes Process Make three small cuts to simulate the eyes and mouth, from […]

A watch is always useful in any part of the house, in addition, this craft serves perfectly as decoration and is very easy to make one with just some wood. materials A piece of wood trunk Painting Varnish Llija Drill Machine Clock Pencil Buttons (for hours) screws Process Calculate half the wooden circle […]

The craft wood give us infinite possibilities, not only for furniture but also games and decorations. Chinese checkers is one of the classic games that everyone entertains us play, and you can make your board in a very simple way. materials flat wooden board Six color latex paint Varnish Lija Hammer thick nail […]

This craft is one of the most original of all because it allows you not only decorate your home with a very avant – garde style, but it will serve to recycle an old ladder and get a rack to put all sorts of things. materials Staircase in A Wooden planks Varnish Painting […]

Selling mirrors and decorated usually much more expensive than simple, which is why we find crafts simple to serve you to decorate yourself is ideal. Here we show you an easy and vintage way to decorate your mirrors without spending. materials A plate or a circular wooden table, Wooden clothespins Acrylic paint A round mirror […]

These figures are one of the crafts easy you can create with very simple and cheap materials also can share a fun time and learning with your children. materials Paperboard Color foami Painting Markers small magnets Glue Scissors Pencil Diamantina or inflatable paint to decorate Process Draw the same figures on the […]

The lamps are essential elements in any home not only to illuminate rooms, but as a decorative element. If you have a lamp to which you want to change the style, try this craft to make a screen foami. materials Foami leaves yellow, brown and green Parchment paper Scissors Glue Lamp Wood burning Wire Process […]

Among the wide variety of crafts foami there, the flowers are a favorite of many because they help decorate your home or children ‘s parties and are very easy to do. materials Color foami Pencil Paper Scissors Glue Inflatable painting, diamond, etc. Wooden sticks Process On the sheet of paper ,draw patterns of flowers […]