One aspect of our appearance in which more attention is put on the hair as a nice, healthy hair always makes us look more beautiful. If you like ironing your hair, here we leave the best options for good results. 10. Remington S5500 Digital Anti Static This version of  Remington is one of the options […]

Nails newspaper is simple and original design to carry in any season, experiment with this fun lettering design on your nails. Materials: Newspaper Scissors clearcoat nude or varnish, white light pink Alcohol Container or glass container

The world’s largest software company does not want to be restricted to the Windows operating system and productivity software Office. Microsoft released last week how you want to dominate the Internet, starting with the service mail. Leaves off the Hotmail interface and enters the air the – this time […]

Our hands are one of the smallest details that manage to give a picture of us. That’s why today we present the latest trends in textures and finishes for nail design and look so spectacular hands. Decorating techniques There are a variety of techniques to decorate our nails, some are simple and some very […]

If what you want is a touch and design the original to your nails, without spending much and simply, you’ll love this option we bring to you. Decorated nails are also known as salt crystallized nails and give a unique style to the nails. Materials: Nail polish color you want transparent protective enamel Salt

CABO As Adobe announced in November 2011, from today (15) the version of Flash for mobile devices – read: Android – is dead. In practice, this means that going forward the plugin will stop receiving updates, will not be ported to future versions of the OS and, although still available […]

All the magic of the universe will be reflected in your nails with these simple steps. You do not need much time or money to give them a different and original tone. Materials: black, bench and blue, pink and purple enamel. A glaze glitter, preferably silver but any color you like could work. […]

The Vevo, known site for music videos that previously was only available to users in six countries, opened the door to Brazilians. On Tuesday (14), the site was launched in Portuguese and gives access to over 50,000 videos “premium” and live shows. The clips can also be watched in applications […]

The nails are an important accessory for women as it reflects personality and gives them a very attractive touch our hands. That’s why we give you some ideas for decorating your nails this summer. Do not miss out! 5. Nails Marineras If these summer vacation you plan on traveling to the beach, […]

The nails are a very important part for women, we always want to be clean and the perfect opportunity, so today we bring you 8 ways to decorate with cintilla. 1.Detalle If you do not have much time, but want to see your beautiful nails this form of wear nail is right for you, with […]

Accessories help us to renew and enliven our outfits and this spring will be essential. That’s why today we present the new trends in accessories to exploit better your look. Hair For spring the hair accessories are the protagonists maximum because they are very colorful and give a very attractive stamp our outfit.

The Facebook announced today the value of its initial public offering, officially entering the stock exchange. Each share will be sold for $ 38 under the symbol “FB” and the value per share should raise an estimated $ 16 billion, which leaves the social network valued at 104 billion dollars. […]

A new trend comes to your skin thanks to the designer Miranda Burnet, creator of tattoos ephemeral or jewelry for your skin. In this article we tell you what they are, how they are used, how long they last and types. Stay! What are they? You do not know if, yes or no realizarte one tatto, then this […]

The summer 2016 trends bring a print amazing colors and multiple forms. Accessories like sunglasses and fashion bracelets come with special style. It’s a fun and full of very bright to not go unnoticed season. 12. Sequins Since late 2011 the sequins are present with their glitz and glamor. It is one of the trends […]

The brand Google Docs virtually disappeared after the arrival of the drive, but the search giant also invests to improve collaborative editing service documents. In the official blog, the company announced the availability of 450 new fonts, 60 new document templates, improvements in inserting images and other small novelties.

The colors in clothes represent something fundamental in dress, for they reveal part of our personality, tastes, moods and trends. Find out what you project with portholes image colors. 8. Color White Colored dress white will make you look like a stable, independent and very perfectionistic woman but also someone patient, kind and optimistic. White denotes evasion, […]

Wink of time. As you know, yesterday Google opened the gate for the presence of business profiles on Google+. All though the new onslaught of social networking is still light years away from Facebook, but Google is trying. And if you are new in the square, you can be sure […]

Fall fashion is just around the corner, and it is time to look, boots, coats, hats and print dresses. The new fall 2011 fashion trends are full of color, commitment tones like mustard, pink and materials such as skin and hair much. Create the look that best suits you of these trends. 8. Dress the […]

One of the worst kept secrets of Google was Google Drive that appeared, appeared and reappeared constantly in recent years. In 2011 specifically, the rumors heated up with more and more references to it appearing on Google products and leaking sources from within the company. Now new evidence indicates that […]

Winter came and it is important to be warm and fashionable, Czech trends, vests, tissue, skin, hair, boots and more. In addition we give tips to properly combine your winter clothes and look fabulous at the same time. 12. pants seventies Remember your old baggy pants, bring them out of the closet and combine them with […]

A few months (maybe years) circulating on the web rumors of the creation of a storage service Google, called Google Drive. They intensified last month when some lines of code referring to an alleged GDrive were added in the project Chromium, among other strong evidence. But according to a leaked […]

Fashion comes with the best of trends: crochet, shoes with socks, sun glasses crazy, glamorous hairstyles, denim, floral and more clothes. In this season are many developments in fashion is concerned, leaving behind the trends of last year, accessories, colors and designs are present. 12. Colors The white, pastels and orange dominate […]